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  1. Oso Viejo

    Best Male singer, any type of music?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1HiMNuU6F8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zsAKJYBHyE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBEhyt4d-rQ Dead guys, I?d go with Sam Cooke, Merle, and Roy Orbison.
  2. Oso Viejo

    Glendora High...

    Some familiar faces amongst the crowd there including my pal Danny Henley. :thumbsup
  3. Oso Viejo

    Ocare for dummies.

    Just like most of the Obammer platform, the healthcare coverage plan failed to recognize how the industry worked, (or didn't work), in the first place. He and his advisors were convinced that simply adding millions of 'lives' into the problem would dilute the costs and make the profits...
  4. Oso Viejo

    the best.. late night

    :eek Sweet Jesus, no wonder you have those psychedelic shits.
  5. Oso Viejo

    Jewelry district downtown la

    550 S Hill suite 820 Ask for Angie, (Albert's daughter). Family owned and run I have bought jewelry from them for over 30 years, (not so much since I unloaded the wife), and they are as fair and honest as the day is long. If they don't have it, they'll make it and if they can't make it...
  6. Oso Viejo

    Ran a wine 5k with Napanutt

    Che Guevara;)
  7. Oso Viejo

    Baby Brezza Formula Pro automatic bottle maker

    Fixed it for you. ;)
  8. Oso Viejo

    See, things DO turn out for the best

    I don't know about your first assertion but your second sentence is spot on. California already has an underwritten auto insurance plan for low income drivers. I think the cheapest is somewhere around $10 or $15 a month and if a driver can't afford THAT they can't afford wheels. People...
  9. Oso Viejo

    See, things DO turn out for the best

    Reading through the discourse on California gun legislation and the secret observation up river made me realize really how much our elected leaders really DO care only about our welfare. Then I read this success story...
  10. Oso Viejo

    Big brother is watching....from somewhere near the I40 bridge in Topock

    What you didn't know is that Big Brother has one of these bad boys pointed at the Topock Gorge 24/7. Every move you make is recorded and fed into a Cray supercomputer in the hills of Maryland where a special 'Coors Light' algorithm sorts through them looking for glass bottles and boats with...
  11. Oso Viejo

    Lowe's shopper bitten by poisonous snake

    Might as well be living in Queensland as Carolina. :yikes
  12. Oso Viejo

    Who's a good swimmer?

    We used to measure our endurance by going out beyond the breakers at HB and heading for the next lifeguard station north, I suspect back then that there were a couple of city blocks between them (now probably half that). This, incidentally, made our Mom?s WILD. These days, as old and...
  13. Oso Viejo

    70's cocaine paraphernalia ads

    What was simpler in the 70's was a quart of Bud was a half buck :drinkand a deck of Marlboro's about the same. That's simple.
  14. Oso Viejo

    I would have shot this guy on site

    Much better would be to waterboard this prick for three or four days and then string him up from the big tree out front.
  15. Oso Viejo

    Kentucky Oaks/ Derby brawl

    Seven or eight f those Mint Juleps can cause a yuppie to go right off the reservation . . . and why are all those guys picking on Pee Wee Herman?
  16. Oso Viejo

    Lyme Disease...

    Good to hear tha kaiser is getting off the dime. Sorry it took so much sturm und drang to get you guys to this point though.:grumble:
  17. Oso Viejo

    Too Much Coddling?

    I suspect that the little fella will be a lot easier to get along with once those testicles descend.
  18. Oso Viejo

    1st M/C Wreck in 45 yearsof riding!

    Good to hear you weren't hurt badly . . . and you know what they say, there are two kinds of people riding . . . ;)
  19. Oso Viejo

    Need some vacation help, with teenagers

    "Any other ideas you folks might have to take two teenagers that isn't going to be an arm and a leg to do. ???? " Best kid vacations we ever took were those all inclusive resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean. Beach, watersports and most have multiple pools and some have golf included. Food...
  20. Oso Viejo

    Lyme Disease...

    UCLA and USC are great resources; what you need is an MD Board Certified in Infectious Medicine and finding one of those at Kaiser, and getting a referral, will be next to impossible. UCLA and USC have medical schools and finding a specialist, sometimes a world renowned specialist is way...