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  1. HydroSkreamin

    These days are numbered...

    37°F, with a high of 53° F today . Another month and you’ll probably be able to walk out here.
  2. HydroSkreamin

    2018 SBI National Championships, Clearwater, FL

    Livestream of the event available shortly. https://livestream.com/sbi/clearwater2018 I believe the Unlimiteds are in the second session, and Supercats are in the last session. Should be good racing in ALL of the classes.
  3. HydroSkreamin

    Bumper Stickers

    I cover a lot of miles in a day, and of course come across some funny bumper stickers. I can't always get a pic, but here's a couple of ones that I did. Add yours! I guess everyone has to love something, right?!?
  4. HydroSkreamin

    Any more news on the KMG 22 Phantom?

    RD had posted some pix right before Desert Storm, saying he was going to do a feature on it. Has anyone heard anything about it, or better yet, rode in it or driven it? Looked to be a very nice piece. I would think they have run it with other props since the 98 MPH with a Bravo in spring.
  5. HydroSkreamin

    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    So, RDP member HeadlessHula has been bugging me to start a build thread. He somehow got sucked into the boat rejuvenation business alongside me, as well as a few other friends of mine. Here is my best attempt to document the journey. Hopefully, others will read this and see how much work...