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  1. CJ_Donahue

    good morning inmates

    Very Beautiful morning
  2. CJ_Donahue

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Eastbound and down. I must be crazy because I actually enjoyed just driving. An Open Road, good song on the radio, and no one to bother me. Add a dog and I might consider it heaven.
  3. CJ_Donahue

    Just saying hi

  4. CJ_Donahue

    Dog Name

    Mistchif or Lunatic
  5. CJ_Donahue

    Dealing with ex’s sucks - impacts kids more then most think

    I would remind him you paid for Spring and offer him a loan if he needs money for what his father failed to pay. Make sure he knows it is a loan to him and he is responsible if his dad does not cover it. Make it a fair or zero interest loan but don't give it to him and don't let him get kicked...
  6. CJ_Donahue

    Under Quarantine

    Worry about myself, no. Worry about my wife and kids, hell yes. My family would be financially OK for a few months if I got sick (Longer if the wife had to dump things like cars & boats) and if I die my wife would be set for life (Don't tell her). Now if my wife or kids got sick we would be...
  7. CJ_Donahue

    Here's the beef 2.0

    Sounds good to me. PMed you my info.
  8. CJ_Donahue

    Here's the beef 2.0

    If I can figure a way to get this to Orange County, or you make a delivery to Orange County, I am in.
  9. CJ_Donahue

    good morning inmates

    Very beautiful morning all.
  10. CJ_Donahue

    Here's the beef 2.0

    This is what I'm talking about.... if you have a quarter of one of these guys I'm in.
  11. CJ_Donahue

    Must be the air in Nashville...

    How many million?
  12. CJ_Donahue

    Anyone still use a Zippo?

    I have owned and lost way too many. I still have a few. Carried one daily for a few years but now they are just fun. I love the history. One of the better date coded items. Guys will say their father or grandfather carried it for years and you look and find it was made in 1999. Or guys don't...
  13. CJ_Donahue

    ha so what are the odds

    Co-worker of mine does grate on POF. He says it is all about the profile picture. *Not his house but he has the same car.
  14. CJ_Donahue

    Your first boat.....

    What I consider my first boat was my dad's early 80's Carrera. 454 with a jet and thousands of hours towing. No chance it is still around but they all looked the same back then so I always wonder. *Similar boat
  15. CJ_Donahue

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning.
  16. CJ_Donahue

    Good morning inmates

    Wow. Good morning all.
  17. CJ_Donahue

    Tile Laying ??'s

    Rivergames is exactly right. It is actually better if you don't pull it if it is 2nd story.
  18. CJ_Donahue

    Electric trailer dollie

    PM sent
  19. CJ_Donahue

    Would be burglars

    Worked nights for a few years. Never worried about the wife and kids at home.
  20. CJ_Donahue

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning all.