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  1. renodaytona

    Luke Combs & Morgan Wallen Sac

    Wife and I are headed to Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen at Golden 1 center in sac in 30 min. Any nor cal inmates going?
  2. renodaytona

    Lahontan Beach 5 meet up 9-29-19

    Several people (mostly v-drive guys) up in the northern Nevada area have planned an end of the year meet up at Lahontan Beach 5 Sunday Sept. 29. Looks like our normal crew is planning to be there. My family and I are debating making this our final camping trip of the year before the cold weather...
  3. renodaytona

    Saturday at Lahontan

    Spent the day at Lahontan with @Tahoe540 and some other friends. What a great day at the lake. Here are a few pics. I will be out there again this weekend camping for Laborday Thursday thru Monday.
  4. renodaytona

    Motor Build

    @Tahoe540 and I tore into the short block I bought for my 25 Daytona to go over everything yesterday. What I got in the short block purchase was a Bowtie Block, a Bryant Racing Crank and Oliver Max Rods (Diamond pistons will probably be replaced). I dropped the block off at the machine shop this...
  5. renodaytona

    Big Cat 2019 Pics from Windmill Cove

    Here are some pics I took at Windmill Cove of the Big Cat.
  6. renodaytona

    Lahontan weekend

    Hanging at Lake Lahontan this weekend with @Tahoe540.
  7. renodaytona

    Night In The Country 2019

    Wife and I attended the Night In The Country music festival over the weekend in Yerington NV. Luke Combs was hands down the best performer of the weekend he played Friday night. We had a blast and can't wait to go back next year. Next year is 3 days of music Thurs-Sat, with Cody Johnson being...
  8. renodaytona

    Matt Hughes Fight For Survival

    I met Matt Hughes at SHOT Show back in 2014. He was a different person at that show than what he portrayed when he was just a fighter. This is a tough watch, to see the struggle for him and his family after the accident, definitely a tough SOB that's for sure.
  9. renodaytona

    RIA VR80

    This thing is just plain bad ass! 19 round mags. Hard to find in stock but once you find one jump on it as they will sell out fast.
  10. renodaytona

    Nevada Muley Hunt

    Been quite some time that I drew a tag here in my home state. Got drawn for the area that our family has hunted for over 40 years. Leaving early AM tomorrow looking forward to filling the freezer. My cousin and uncle went opening weekend (last weekend) and filled their tags. I had just got back...
  11. renodaytona

    Shippingguy = THE MAN

    So I found a smoking deal on a short block, Chevy Bowtie Tall Deck with a callies crank, oliver rods, roller rockers, lifters, and some other misc parts in Michigan. Got ahold of Mike and he got to work and got me an amazing price on getting it shipped to Reno with $10K in insurance. He went...
  12. renodaytona

    Hot August Nights Reno

    Anyone coming up to Reno for HAN this year? If so let's meet up for a beer/drink or several. Had an awesome time last year hanging with RogetThat99 out at the Peppermill.
  13. renodaytona

    Canelo vs. Golovkin Link for fight

    Anyone have a link to watch for the fight tonight? I've been slacking on getting a stream smart box from RD's guy, need to upgrade my internet to a new provider first.
  14. renodaytona

    Labor Day camping trip pics Bodie/Twin Lakes/Bridgeport

    Had a great time in Bridgeport for the Labor Day weekend. Saturday we drove up to Twin Lakes for some fishing, Saturday we drove out to Bodie to check out the old buildings. All in all it was a great weekend, here are some pics I took with the new camera, took a few hundred over the weekend.
  15. renodaytona

    Vegas To Reno

    Anyone chasing/helping any teams for this years Vegas To Reno? I'll be helping the Murray brothers in their Can-am backed # 917 Maverick Max X3. Here are a few shots of their new car built by the guys at Lone Star Racing.
  16. renodaytona

    Sad accident at Shasta

    Thoughts and prayers are with the families. PWC killed a little girl at Lake Shasta. http://www.redding.com/story/news/local/2017/08/12/child-rushed-hospital-following-collision-lake-shasta/562490001/
  17. renodaytona

    Hot August Nights Reno

    Anyone in town for Hot August Nights? I'm meeting up with Rogerthat99 in a little bit to have a beer and walk around the Peppermill parking lot to look at some cars.
  18. renodaytona

    Big thanks to Jefftowz,

    I think I can say from everyone on the RD Toon express. THANK YOU for getting us up to Topock and back safely. It was an experience I don't think any of us will soon forget. Thank you to GetReal for hauling all of the people down to the ramp for the shenanigans. I owe you a drink next time...
  19. renodaytona

    Houston things to see

    I will be traveling for work tomorrow for last min resolution needed at the Sabin Pass LNG Terminal. Anyone know of anything in the area to see, restaurant recommendations, places to stay away from. I'll be there until Thursday.
  20. renodaytona

    Check your thru hull water pickups!!!

    Sorry I don't have pics, took the boat out with my old man today after reworking the carbs and doing a few other things. Boat is running great, putted around after launching waiting for my dad to park the truck and trailer. Picked him up boat seemed to be listing to port a bit. Cruised out past...