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  1. Groper

    Southern Calif wrecking yards: I'm trying to buy a take-out LS LY6 motor... places to goto, places to avoid.?

    Check this guy out. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pts/d/phelan-ls-engine-supply-engines-parts/7077922408.html
  2. Groper

    Transom Lights

    That's ok Mcob25rg we have meetings the third wednesday of every month discussing this very issue 😉 it helped me get through drilling holes in Hull Transoms, Bottoms and RV Roof's you will be ok and I've been worry free for some time now, sometimes you just have to let it go 13 times and you'll...
  3. Groper

    New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences

    Weird 🤔 I asked a question a while ago that is not related to this thread: "New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences" but under "Contact Us" and I have not yet received a response, so maybe it's related to "New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences" or is it ? 😬
  4. Groper

    Fire south Havasu?

  5. Groper

    [WTS] Boarding Ladder, sony RM-X11M Remote Stereo controller, BBC Ski Tow Bracket, Billet Grab handles

    (2) 36" Retractable Stainless Boarding Ladders "used" $75.00ea (1) Sony RM-X11M remote controller "New in Box" $80.00 SOLD!!! (1) BBC Ski Tow Bracket $40.00 (2) Billet Grab handles "new" $30.00ea L=7" H=2-1/4" Bolt to Bolt =5" w/2/16-18" threads
  6. Groper

    Wrangler and Gladiator new Mojave Edition

    Bahahahaha that should my question for you :rolleyes: I'm Dead Serious Shirley, either up or down on a steep incline or climb the ass-end will hit, drag or whatever, however i'm sure it will clear the Mall or Supermarket driveways your used to. :D
  7. Groper

    Wrangler and Gladiator new Mojave Edition

    Yes you are correct the Bed length make useless for anything other than fire roads & trails with minimal inclines, though cool looking IMO I think FCA went after more of a small nostalgic market than a purpose built vehicle. For myself and others that I wheel or have wheeled with for years have...
  8. Groper

    Wrangler and Gladiator new Mojave Edition

    I think they would by now, Teraflex had one in their booth @SEMA a few years ago and I went back to look at it a few times, it had a 60's JK Wagoneer baby blue n white paint job on and now I want to do it to my 14 JKRU. 😎
  9. Groper

    Good morning inmates

    ohh my ooh my thank you Lord on Sunday for these bles-sed creatures :p
  10. Groper

    COSTCO Concierge vs LG 65" OLED FYI:

    Weird you mentioned that, I'm on my second 65" Vizio outside TV in a covered Patio. The first one purchased from Costco started to intermittently show vertical lines on the far left side then migrated to the center after a year n half then went all colored vertical lines. The second one...
  11. Groper

    Mach 22 W/ Single outboard or

    It is but !! see below :mad: I'm still getting calls from people from the East Coast on my 30 Spectre I sold 6yrs ago other sites will copy your ad and post them on their sites and you have no way to manage or delete your ad, Thanks Al Gore :mad:
  12. Groper

    Butt wipe question

    OK OK look you two are getting in to the Baller Stage when it come to Bidet's just tone it down for the newbs a bit and get them started on a $99.00 dealio like training wheels then they can move up to lamborghini's ya know like starting with a Jet Bote then graduating up to a Nordic 33' or...
  13. Groper

    Told you half time would suck

    With the Rapper wearing safety glasses I was hoping the grand finale was Shakira & Jlo hanging upside down on the pole and spraying him :eek:
  14. Groper

    Butt wipe question

    We have had these http://www.biffy.com/ for over 15yrs now and are life changers :D I even run one of these in the MOHO without issues, simply cleanse the area and pat dry then go out and enjoy your day ;) Haters gonia hate but chics dig them :p trust me I'm that friend. NOTE:If you do decide...
  15. Groper

    KOH 2020. Who's Going?

    Arriving early thursday for the TT, "Route 91 Flag" noted :D
  16. Groper

    Good morning inmates

    Thank yoooooouuuuuu :p
  17. Groper

    Superbowl Tickets

    Haha im hoping more of that 140 is upstairs and out front with a cantilevered deck shadowed below with a slip n slide :eek:
  18. Groper

    KOH weather

    Noted: I promise NOT to run of Beer ;)
  19. Groper

    Superbowl Tickets

    How many miles on her and do you have maintenance records back at least 10yrs. Thanks, just asking for a friend. :D Edited: Pictures would be helpful :p
  20. Groper

    Wall Street Journal article on...you guessed it...leaving Cali

    Is this an early Spring call out thread :rolleyes: Fishing, Channel Islands, Western Sierras & Eastern Sierra's from Kennedy Meadows all the way up to Lake Tahoe, Lake Shasta, The entire Ca Coast line excluding El Segundo lol :rolleyes:, Redwoods, Big Sur, NAPA, for the spouses: Museums...