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  1. Tahoe540

    Milodon Offshore oil pan BBC

    I have a used 12 quart offshore pan with a dipstick and melling oil pump and pickup. The pump and pickup have about 2 hours. I am installing this motor in my jet boat and this pan unfortunately will not fit. $375 plus shipping.
  2. Tahoe540

    Day Cruiser Rail Kit install questions

    Can't leave anything alone so I decided to install a 555 BBC out of my offshore boat into my jet boat. Should be around 650 to 700HP. I have a 1984 Hallett and am wondering how you access the back side of the stringers? I have not pulled the carpet back yet but I am hoping that part of the...
  3. Tahoe540

    1984 Hallett 20.5 BR

    1984 Hallett 20.5 BR This is an excellent family boat with all the extras. Matching Bimini Top Stereo with Bluetooth and new speakers last year New Sport Boat Trailer with all the upgrades last year Jet is a Berkley JG that is all newly rebuilt this year with new bowl stuffer, inducer and...
  4. Tahoe540

    Exhaust options for enclosed engine compartment jet boat?

    I have been looking at a lot of builds with big HP for what I can use for my build. I see a lot of guys still using the Log Exhaust but mainly on blown applications. I will have a big cubic inch N/A motor with heads that will need good flow and should be in the 6500 rpm range. Anyone try to...
  5. Tahoe540

    1977 Dimarco 5/8 Runner Bottom - redo

    My buddy picked this boat up about a year ago and it is a beautiful original boat that was well taken care of. Well like most of us he can't leave it alone. He decided to do a complete rebuild and here are some pics of the new paint job and scheme changes. We are building a new 548 BBC with a...
  6. Tahoe540

    Only in Nevada

    Some serious luxury tow rigs
  7. Tahoe540

    [SOLD] 1990 Advantage Offshore 30' SOLD SOLD SOLD

    ***I will sell the hull and trailer or sell the motor or 2 drives separately**** I have replaced the 555 with a 454 to get a new Price. I am the third owner, first owned the boat in Havasu, second brought it up to Lake Tahoe and it has since stayed. This Boat sat in a warehouse for 12 years...
  8. Tahoe540

    What to look at Barn find

    I am going to look at a sanger hydro v-drive that has been sitting for 20 years under a tarp. I have never had a v-drive and hoping someone can tell me what to look for. The main reason I am interested is this boat seems to have some history and ran a quad turbo motor back in the mid to late...
  9. Tahoe540

    Great last day of Boating for the season

    Saw it was going to be nice one last weekend. Took the family out and enjoyed a pretty empty Lake Tahoe with some friends. Finally got to try out the new Lightning exhaust I put on and the boat ran great. We are ready for spring. Hopefully we will get plenty of snow. Was still a pretty...
  10. Tahoe540

    1990 Advantage Offshore - 3 yrs

    This is my first boat and here is what I have done over the last 3 years to bring it up to the condition it currently is in. I am not done with it and still would like to get the interior done this year and eventually a drive change. The motor is now a 555 and should be close to 700HP. It had...
  11. Tahoe540

    Imco Thumper Power Exhaust BBC

    I have a set of used but good condition Imco Thumper Power Exhaust that come with ARP 12 point stainless hardware. $950
  12. Tahoe540

    And back on the trailer

    Launched the boat, started it and went to go in revers and back on the trailer. Boating would of been awesome but we still had fun at the beach. Tahoe is absolutely empty this time of year.
  13. Tahoe540

    Family Fun Trips

    Every year a group of families (15-20) take over a couple of campground loops and have a blast. Here are a few pics of the 10th year. The new jet boat was a hit and the moms cruise was full of hot moms!!! This is why we have a boat.
  14. Tahoe540

    Winter project costs-bottom rash

    Finally got my first jet boat and love it. The boat is in super great shape but the bottom looks horrible. Any estimates on what something like this would cost to make looking like new? The boat is a 1984 Hallett. I plan on adding some big N/A power and some jet work as well over the...
  15. Tahoe540

    New trailer not easy to find if you are not in socal

    Got my new boat home from southern California knowing I had to get a new trailer and had no idea it was this hard to give someone money to build you something. I am in Sparks NV and the closest boat trailer builder I could find who would even talk to me was in Anderson CA called SB Trailer...
  16. Tahoe540

    Transom was looking a little old.

    So I ended up removing all of the transom hardware and swim steps and went to town on my first color sand and buff. I also did some of my own polishing but had the exhaust professionally done and they turned out great. I used a harbor freight 7 in polisher 3m compound Chemical guys heavy boat...
  17. Tahoe540

    If you had to buy a new boat trailer who?

    I just bought my first jet boat and it is exactly what I was looking for but it desperately needs a new trailer. The boat is a Hallett 21 open bow if that makes any difference. I live in Reno and have no issue going back down to Southern California (just bought it from there) as I see a lot of...
  18. Tahoe540

    Why Dual-plane manifolds?

    I have been looking at a lot of jet boats as I am interested in buying something. I have seen a lot of boats with dual plane manifolds if not the classic dual carb tunnel ram setup. Is there a reason or just lower powered motors that wouldn't benefit from a single plane?
  19. Tahoe540

    Big Power Day Cruiser choice? TT or Blower

    My plans are to build a big power day cruiser (have not found a hull yet) and was planning on doing a twin turbo setup as I think it is such a cool combo but I came across a good deal on a 8.3L whipple with intercooler, dual dominators and intake. My plan is a 540 BBC and from what I have read...
  20. Tahoe540

    Cost or hassle to swap a BBF to a BBC

    I am looking at buying a jet boat and have not decided on anything yet but I have seen a lot of boats that I like but they come with a BBF. I have no experience with jet boats so I was wondering what would it cost to convert it to a BBC? Is it a pain in the butt? I know I will need new motor...