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  1. grumpy88

    Nevada mortgage guy

    Who's the go to for a mortgage in Nevada ?
  2. grumpy88

    AZ off road permit

    I just read as of Sept 1 you must purchase a Arizona ohv decal for 25 dollars . They will no longer recognize out of state stickers or out of state plates on ohv vehicles . No grace period will be allowed . Snow birds are going to be pissed
  3. grumpy88

    Beachcomber , islander or ?

    I think we might be done in parker . The park we are in is run by idiots at best . The place next to us was just bought to be a full time rental and I think that just sealed the deal for me . We don't need much space so we have about a 150k budget . Key is not having this not happen again ...
  4. grumpy88

    Havasu hotels

    I just booked 2 nights in March and it cost $ 400 dollars ! What does it cost in the summer ? Holly fuck ! It does not make sense to rent our place out in parker at these cost . What does everybody else do ?
  5. grumpy88

    Roth IRA

    I want to setup a Roth IRA for my wife and I have no idea where to start . Any recommendations ?
  6. grumpy88

    Mobile home rules on blm

    I know some of you have mobile homes in parks that are on blm property . I was curious how it worked in your parks when the management wanted to change the rules . The park I am in over the last year is pushing new rules that were not in the original contract . I'm sure some of you have been...
  7. grumpy88

    Arizona peace trail

    A couple of us tried to run the southern loop . We traveled from Quartzite to welton/Yuma . The trail has about zero useful markers and nobody knows shit about it . In the end we had fun but what a crazy journey .
  8. grumpy88

    Onanon generator repair

    Anybody in Parker or havasu do onanon 4k generator repair ? My toy hauler needs the generator fixed .
  9. grumpy88

    Pamona off road show

    Anybody going this weekend ?
  10. grumpy88

    Do life jackets shrink ?

    I know I have put on a pound or two but I swear my neoprene jackets have shrunk . Does this happen or am I in denial ? Is there a way to stretch them back out ?
  11. grumpy88

    Another one down !

    I was told it was a 28 conquest but what ever it was it's sitting on the bottom near river lodge . Everybody is ok and nobody went to jail so life is not that bad ! Be safe !
  12. grumpy88

    Big river

    What is the story on big river below parker . Can you own the land ? Is it reservation land ? Private ? Does the water level stay high enough to boat ? Any info is appreciated
  13. grumpy88

    Trump vs Brown

    Jerry Brown decided to take on Trump in every way but now he /"we" need big money from the federal govt . How hard should Trump stick it to the people of California? We as the citizens have let our state run out of control so I guess we are to blame . Like drug addicts maybe ca needs to hit...
  14. grumpy88

    Patio furniture covers

    Where is a good place to buy new covers for patio furniture ? The foam is in good shape but the sun took its toll on the fabric . Thanks
  15. grumpy88

    A little shallow

    The people gave up last night and got a ride home . Hope it was not some one on here .
  16. grumpy88

    Divorce attorney phoenix

    I need a divorce attorney referral in the Phoenix area for my daughter please . She needs a consult asap .thanks
  17. grumpy88

    Car service to lax

    Anybody use a car service from San Fernando Valley to lax ? Looking for alternative to fly away
  18. grumpy88

    Roofer in 818 ?

    Nend a Roofer in San Fernando Valley. Hopefully it's a pretty small job . Thanks
  19. grumpy88

    Boat accident parker

    Last evening there was a boat accident in the corner at River Lodge. A boat was pulling out of the marina and caught the side of another boat going by . A young 20 's something girl was thrown from the boat . She had neck and leg injuries . The video was horrific !
  20. grumpy88

    Stupid protesters / media

    Why do the news media feel they get a pass when shit hits the fan and police say it's time to move . They stay completely in the way . Watching ass holes destroy public property and screw up traffic is not a right . The politacial correctness better come to a end or we will lose control as a...