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  1. brianwhiteboy

    Awesome end to a chase!

    Suspects hit a pole and get ejected! 👍On ch. 9 right now
  2. brianwhiteboy

    CA OHV green/red sticker question

    Has anyone heard news that all green sticker rides will be changed to red next year? I’m sure Commifornia would like to.
  3. brianwhiteboy

    First post since upgrade?

    Do I win a prize? Emojis work:cool:
  4. brianwhiteboy

    F1 - Austin

    Any inmates heading out next weekend? Me and my son fly out next Wednesday. We’re spending a few days in Houston then heading up to Austin. Looking forward to some Terry Black’s for dinner. :cool: Any recommendations for things to do in Houston?
  5. brianwhiteboy

    Pursuit on channel 7 - L.A.

  6. brianwhiteboy

    Jet boat foot throttle

    Cleaning out the garage. Plain and simple floor mounted foot throttle. It was just powder coated but there’s some small bubbles in so it’s not perfect. Located in Torrance, CA. PM if interested. $30
  7. brianwhiteboy

    Cole Seely retires

    Hopefully Honda can get some stronger talent in there now. No reason for a top tier team to struggle as much as they do.
  8. brianwhiteboy

    New 18” Thomson Hatch Actuator

    Brand new Thomson 18” actuator, model DM-12 with stainless steel tube cover. I bought this thing like 8 years ago and never installed it. Now that I’m ready to run it, I bought another one so I could run two actuators but they are rated differently,!so I had to buy a matching ram. Brand new...
  9. brianwhiteboy

    2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross

    Season just started. Who’s heading down to Pala this weekend? ——> Brianwhiteboy and son will be there Saturday :cool:
  10. brianwhiteboy

    John Wick 3

    Anyone see it yet? Looks bad f’n ass as usual. :cool:
  11. brianwhiteboy

    RDP - Home of Little Johnny(s)?

    I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but there are some creative and funny ass people here on RDP. Reading though some of the latest threads got me thinking....remember Little Johnny? He always had a smart-ass comment or crude joke to tell. I swear, I think half the people on this board are...
  12. brianwhiteboy

    Swim step refinishing - gel, paint or Seadek?

    I have a ‘99 Carrera 205 jet bote that I’m giving a mini-facelift to (re-powder coating the hardware, new gauges, adding electric hatch) and I want to freshen up the swim steps. I’m not looking for top shelf Billy-badass steps because well, it’s a 20 year day cruiser. :cool: Question is, what’s...
  13. brianwhiteboy

    For the metalheads in here

    Lmao:cool: For the Megadeth fans... And for the Metallica fans...
  14. brianwhiteboy

    Utah dirtbikers...Arapeen trails?

    Worth it or not to make the trek from SoCal? It looks like beautiful country up that way and would make a nice summertime trip. Stay in one town for the night and ride to another via the trails. Things appear to be laid out well enough that a first timer shouldn’t get lost. Just wondering if...
  15. brianwhiteboy

    Supercross 2019

    Starts this weekend! Who’s all going? Can Tomac do it? Will it be Frenchie’s year? Can Anderson repeat?:cool:
  16. brianwhiteboy

    [WTS] Diablo 2-person towable tube

    In great shape. Just don’t need two different tubes. Sells for $90 online. $25 Pickup in Torrance/Southbay area. PM if interested. :cool:
  17. brianwhiteboy

    Honey, did you pack extra underwear?

    I almost shit myself just watching it. I could feel my heart rate increasing watching the ground get further and further away... https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CUFtQ_1543304448
  18. brianwhiteboy

    2017 Honda CRF 150RB

    Up for sale is a 2017 Honda CRF 150RB (Expert/Big Wheel). Original owner. Ridden by my 13 y/o son. Never raced or abused and only trail ridden or putted around the track at Gorman. Bike is an excellent condition. Motor is 100% stock and untouched. No leaks. Suspension is stock and still on...
  19. brianwhiteboy

    KNAACK truck tool box

    Selling a used aluminum KNAACK/Weather Guard truck tool box that came off a Chevy Silverado 2500 w/ 6.5’ bed. Will fit other models as well. It was sprayed with Bullet Liner by Tuff Skin in Huntington Beach to match spray in bedliners. Model 664-0-01. Box is 62” wide x 19.25” high x 20” deep...
  20. brianwhiteboy

    Help with one of those car “report” dealios

    Can anyone help a brother out? Please PM me if you can.:cool: