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  1. Forensic

    Business telephone (VOIP)

    Thanks for the heads up Dave. I have been building my VoIP business for about 5 years now. If you have any questions or want to know specifics about how things work let me know. www.c2cvoip.com
  2. Forensic

    Ward Chamberlain, culinary fucking genius.

    I had a BBQ to go to yesterday and was asked to bring a side. It's been a while but I knew what had to be done.
  3. Forensic

    Snagged a Bike I've always wanted.

    Orange for the WIN! That's bad ass.
  4. Forensic

    Fantic full suspension electric mountain bike

    The first post. Great idea.
  5. Forensic

    Skin Cancer Pics

    You asked for it... Caught it just in time, it was classified as stage 3b. It was just a mole that started to turn dark. Melanoma followed by 6Mo of chemo. Still doing PET/CT scans as often as the ins co will allow. Another week or two and who knows if I'd still be here. Wear your sun...
  6. Forensic

    Alaska - trip

    We just did a 7 day Holland America cruise from Vancouver through the inner passage. It was a blast.
  7. Forensic

    a short video of a very clean Spectra 20'

    Well, let me first say, I haven't given Bob anything to work with after picking it up. I left the boat in Parker and that's been that for a while now. It goes good, like real good, right up to 59 and that's it. I want to say it's around 4600rpm maybe a little less. It's a super cruiser...
  8. Forensic

    a short video of a very clean Spectra 20'

    Thanks man. Where did you find that video? I took it on my cell, I guess I uploaded it somewhere but don't remember where. Edit - Found it on my youtube channel. /derp You are correct. That lady was funny, took her little dog for a 'walk' but never made it past the boat. You and me both...
  9. Forensic


    Yes. It's a security setting that is currently disabled for your member group.
  10. Forensic

    Cast iron skillet?

    The chain mail scrubber is the shit. Highly recommended.
  11. Forensic

    Cheer Is Life

    Cheer Politics sounds funny until you add up the amount of money parents put out. All of a sudden a .1 deduction is a huge deal. We'll be in Vegas too.
  12. Forensic

    Cheer Is Life

    Did they accept the wild card or is it an indicator of whats to come? Our gym declines wild cards because they remove you from Full and At Large consideration. We start our season with back to back one day'ers at Long Beach and Ontario this weekend.
  13. Forensic

    How do I get

    Should be fixed
  14. Forensic

    Thread for reporting new site related items

    Likes are now imported.
  15. Forensic

    What about "Likes"

    Likes are now imported.
  16. Forensic

    Thread for reporting new site related items

    Try now please.
  17. Forensic

    How many people like the mobile friendly aspect?

    I would hopeso, the new server is specced out using bleeding edge packages software, the old one was.... well... very old.
  18. Forensic

    Welcome to the New RDP!

    Fixed, lurk away.
  19. Forensic

    Thread for reporting new site related items

    Fixed Fixed they should be, do you have an example where they are not? Working on it Ooops Will fix.
  20. Forensic

    Bennington Pontoon

    Thank you for the insight. I'll pass along what I've learned.