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  1. =River Perfection=

    Bought a Baja bug, anyone else into them?

    RIVERDIRT 2 I could have your old race car. My bug was a OG class 5 car in its other life. Cool picture. ONE-A-DAY I belong to few BAJA groups, try Facebook too. Always fun it run across another BAJA in the desert, they are just cool as ever. Our's is getting painted red, but we run around Earp...
  2. =River Perfection=

    2020 Los Angeles Boatshow Vids

    Did Connolly bring out anything? It would be great to see a few NEW v-drives at the show period. Schiada? Fresh glass? I remember going to the LA show just to see if Cole brought out a race boat for his booth.
  3. =River Perfection=

    Stock mercuriser parts anyone??

    Looking for a river friend, they have a BBC they are looking to drop into their boat. More of a budget-minded guy. He needs exhaust and matching thermostat housing, and possibly a few other goods. Just trying to help him out.
  4. =River Perfection=

    Chevy service manager?

    My brother has a few year old Tahoe, he bought it from Mark Christopher brand new. It has like 5 recalls. They seem to be fucking him around. Does anyone work for Chevy that can give him better service after spending that kind of money on a brand new car for his wife??
  5. =River Perfection=

    Hallett 210 closed bow 450R (customer build)

    Dude ca'mom!!! Needs Tesarski seats and foot throttle! :(
  6. =River Perfection=

    QC Machine shop job FYI

    If you have ever worked in smaller shops you will understand. This position comes with a variety of work. I just thought I would throw this out there for anyone looking for a solid positon. I clean the toilets btw. :confused:
  7. =River Perfection=

    QC Machine shop job FYI

    Thought I would see if anyone has a line on "good" people... We are a well-established Inland Empire defense machine shop, family-owned and operated for over 50 years!! Currently looking for a long term candidate. We need an organized, extremely detail-oriented person to help us manufacture as...
  8. =River Perfection=

    Billy B's Horsepower Beach Party....who's goin?

    Ohhh man Im gonna send this to Tony, this guys trolling for sure. Funny tho.
  9. =River Perfection=

    Hula Trailer Hut

    Tractor drag. Doing 10 acres this weekend.
  10. =River Perfection=

    Dive boat fire

    It is very standard, and that was a big boat. Been on a lot smaller.
  11. =River Perfection=

    Dive boat fire

    No, although the hatch does open close to the exit of the salon area, it is still inside of it. Its metal too. it could have been very hot. I think the smoke/fumes got so bad so quick down in the bunks ,it quickly over took everyone.
  12. =River Perfection=

    Dive boat fire

    It is very likely the fire started from battery charging failure... underwater light/camera/sea scooter/laptop/ect. Most likely in the galley/salon where it had time to grow rapidly and unnoticed with tons of things to quickly burn in there. Overhead hatch will lead to back of galley/salon...
  13. =River Perfection=

    Dive boat fire

    Although I do it, never been a fan of sleeping in the bunks under deck. I have actually slept in the galley before. All overnight boats I have been on... bunks are all identical to this one, if not tighter. I really would like to know what happened.... not one person was able to make it out...
  14. =River Perfection=

    Trick Cole Flatty..........$32,500

    Can u call me or PM me asap 909-670-8058 i tried to PM you.
  15. =River Perfection=

    Nordics latest Ski race rig!

    Freddie must of also put the numbers on it....
  16. =River Perfection=

    What is “too early” for boat start-up on the Parker Strip?

    Thank you Jerry! Almost there!!!!
  17. =River Perfection=

    Lets see those engine colors!

    Dart big M, I polished the block, then 2 stage red to match my gel coat color. Smooth block looks really good, makes a difference to me. Then mirror finsh polished parts look the best other than that.
  18. =River Perfection=

    The Race/Boat Dually Thread

    Finally home... barn find... 40k original miles and sitting in a horse barn since the 90's. Replaced the tanks / and fuel pumps ect.. fired right up! Now on to the rest strip and clean up. Thing is cherry straight, paint gonna rub out perfect.... the inside likes brand new. Im looking for...