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  1. bldrinker

    Havasu's Fort Rock Farms, the story of a fat guy and his wife.

    Dam Joel you look great. Congrats. Have you though about doing pork at all? Probably he’ll on pigs in the summer heat. But some home grown bacon would catch my attention. I will wave as I pass your exit November 6th,14th and 20th. I’m making a few runs to Colorado.
  2. bldrinker

    What to do with my rusted out trailer.....

    It means if your giving it away for free I will come get it. But someone offered $400 in the other thread so you should take that and run.
  3. bldrinker

    What Do Ya Do When Your Trailers Done......

    Dam you!
  4. bldrinker

    What to do with my rusted out trailer.....

    Are you looking to just get rid of it? If so I might be your huckleberry.
  5. bldrinker

    Speed UTV video

    That was for sure sped up.
  6. bldrinker

    Thinking about selling 2020 Polaris rzr S velocity 4 seater with less than 50 miles still under warranty

    Good luck to you. There is a sucker for every seat I’m just not that guy.
  7. bldrinker

    Ford 6.2L engine

    9mpg towing a 4k boat? Well I feel a hell of allot better with my 7mpg towing a 12k Toyhauler and that includes Baker grade. Up until that I was getting 8mpg. 65-70mph
  8. bldrinker

    Ford 6.2L engine

    And ball joints, steering system, transmission service the diffs. Sounds like a 10k truck that could use 10k off work. But if it’s just a farm truck or something I guess it would serve it’s purpose.
  9. bldrinker

    Ford 6.2L engine

    Yes it indents in the middle. Never have put a car seat in the middle. A booster seat should work without a problem.
  10. bldrinker

    Blackstone griddles

    Wife bought our 2nd black stone this morning. We now have a 17” to keep in the trailer. $89 on amazon
  11. bldrinker

    Ford 6.2L engine

    Your right go buy the Ford.
  12. bldrinker

    Ford 6.2L engine

    That’s allot of miles on a truck that likely has worked it’s whole life. How much are you looking to spend? I might be selling this 2018 6.4 Hemi. 11,000miles. 4:88 gears, steps, leveling kit Falken AT’s spray in bedliner and helper bags.
  13. bldrinker

    WTB - RZR or Can Am

    Oh they are out of their god dam mind
  14. bldrinker

    WTB - RZR or Can Am

    27k OTD on a 4 seat velocity S? That’s a smoking deal
  15. bldrinker

    New toyhauler trailer

    Forest River Stealth 3016. Give Jim Tuck a call. He is in NorCal but he is about as honest as they come in the RV world.
  16. bldrinker

    Trying to decide on a truck

    Don’t tell anyone this ( I might get banned ) I have a gas engine in my 3/4ton...
  17. bldrinker

    Covid 19

    Wait so if you don’t feel sick, you should get tested Incase you might pass on your sickness that has no symptoms. So no one else will become sick and not know about it as well. Solid strategy right there.
  18. bldrinker

    Trying to decide on a truck

    The Toyota band wagon has a solid following. They seem to have fewer issues. I like the Tundras and if I ever go back to a halfton I would definitely consider it. My buddies with Tacoma’s say I’m compensating for something by having a big truck. I just say I only spent the same as you and got...
  19. bldrinker

    Trying to decide on a truck

    I haven’t priced Tundras, but I know my buddy just paid 36k for a 2wd Tacoma. That made me feel allot better about my 36k for a 3/4ton 4x4 Ram lol. He does have a nicer stereo though.