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  1. FCT

    Halletts in havasu party cancelled

    Bro it’s $80 😂. If that is such a big deal maybe your in the wrong hobby to begin with 🤷‍♂️
  2. FCT

    Commercial vehicle insurance

    The way I understood it from my agent is it’s a Cali Law now across the board for all insurance companies. It’s “discrimination” to those that can’t afford it 🤣 such a freaking joke.
  3. FCT

    Commercial vehicle insurance

    Just renewed mine as well. They no longer offer a paid in full discount either which saved me about 5k a year 😤. Apparently a group of people got together and deemed it unfair to offer such a discount because it wasn’t fair to the people who couldn’t afford it 🧐only in CA I swear.
  4. FCT

    Boat market is too high, so LAM!

    It’s crazy right now. I just sold my wake boat that I keep here at home for over asking price in 2 days and I didn’t sell it cheap. I don’t understand how people justify paying what they are for used toys right now.
  5. FCT

    SOLD...1996 Tige 21’

    No feelings hurt here bud. Thanks to your great advice it sold!
  6. FCT

    SOLD...1996 Tige 21’

    Gotta love keyboard warriors that just troll to talk shit 😂 when I take the cover off I was going to get the engine hours and more pics. just posted up the pics I have of it in my phone.
  7. FCT

    SOLD...1996 Tige 21’

    1996 Tige 21’ direct drive Kicker speakers and sub Extreme trailer with brand new tires Boat is in great shape and runs perfect every time. It is a 96 though so it’s not perfect cosmetically. I’m the second owner and the original owner is a good friend. Boat has been well maintained it’s whole...
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    Probematic and offensive flag

    I’d hang 10 more!
  9. FCT

    Bulk beef during a pandemic!

    Perkins right next to the shooting range?
  10. FCT

    2017 Specialized Epic Pro Large

  11. FCT

    (SOLD)2.5” aluminum weigh safe hitch

    I’ll take it. Shoot me a text or call please 951-236-9113
  12. FCT

    WTB kids wakeboard

    Thanks to everyone who reached out. Bought one from a member on here.
  13. FCT

    [SOLD] sold

    That thing is clean. I sent it to a couple people out of state
  14. FCT

    2017 Specialized Epic Pro Large

    Canyon lake, ca. But In havasu very often and willing to meet you if your not to far
  15. FCT

    Skateboard Vs. Gun

    Exactly. Why was he their? Why did he put himself in a position like that with his firearm? Definitely more to the story. By no means am I defending protestors though because I think they are piles of shit. Kinda like the old saying. “If you want to stop drinking, stay out of the bar”
  16. FCT

    BLM “protestors” on 101 in Hollywood

    So the piles of shit completely just shut down the 101 freeway in Hollywood about 30 cars ahead of me for about 20min before about 10 CHP showed up. My question to the law enforcement on here is if I hit one of those idiots am I the one going to jail? Because I sure as hell am not stopping to...
  17. FCT

    WTB kids wakeboard

    Looking for one in good shape that your kids grew out of. It’s for my 8 y/o nephew. Who has one? Scott 951-236-9113
  18. FCT

    2017 Specialized Epic Pro Large

    2017 Specialized Epic Pro Large SRAM Eagle XO 1x12 drivetrain Shimano XT Brakes ROVAL Carbon tubeless wheels bike is completely stock except for Maxxis tires. Excellent condition. The only reason for selling is to build a Xtra Large. The large is a tad small for me for a XC bike. For more...