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  1. eand28

    Truck Prices during 2020....

    This year has been a rollercoaster so far and it seems I missed out on the deals that were around back in April/May. That being said, do you guys think the market will crash or return to normal in the next 2-6 months?
  2. eand28

    [WTB] Wanted: Mini Schiada

    I’m probably looking for a needle in a haystack but anyone know of or have a mini schiada for sale?
  3. eand28

    WTB: Rust Free & Low Mileage Pickup or Suburban/Excursion

    I'm in the market for another vehicle or two and considering a few different options 00-06 Suburban (LT with second row buckets preferred) 01-02 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab Shortbed with leather (4wd) 03-07 Sierra 2500 HD Crew Cab Shortbed with leather (4wd) 03-07 Ford F250 or Excursion Also...