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  1. CarolynandBob

    Huge Biden Crowd

    Look in the glass of the building. Only reporters and cameramen are there.
  2. CarolynandBob

    Reward Credit Card

    We have had the costco credit card for years. We use it for everything. Our reward each year is in the $1200 -$1400 range. The problem. We don;t go to costco anymore. Only reason is Sams club is 2 miles from our Florida place and an hour closer than costco at our TN place. So I said let's get...
  3. CarolynandBob

    Winterizing a 4 stroke Mercury 115 CT

    I saw the other thread about winterizing, but it was mainly for a 2 stroke. It doesn't get super cold here in west TN, but still do not want to risk anything. Questions. Full tank of fuel or empty? I have marine stabil in it already with a full tank. We will be running all this weekend for...
  4. CarolynandBob

    Electrician Question

    Had a shop built on my property. Could not put it closer to the house. Shop will be used for wood working and storage of boat and tractor in the winter. Question is where should I pull power from? From the house? House has 200 amp. I am sure we use way less than 100 amps at any given time...
  5. CarolynandBob

    Bote Registration

    Just bought a new toon. 23ft Sylvan. Will pick it up on a week. What surprised me was the registration. Guy says do you want to register it for 1,2 or 3 yrs. I am thinking damn 3 yrs has to be pretty expensive. $83 LOL
  6. CarolynandBob

    Mercury 115 CT or Mercury 150

    Going to order a new toon tomorrow. It is a Sylvan 8522 LZ. Tri-toon They put the 115 CT on them. I am wonder if it would be better to just go with the 150. Not sure how much more the cost would be. When I casually asked back when I first started talking with them they said 'not very much"...
  7. CarolynandBob

    Onan RV Generator.

    Have a 5th wheel we now leave in Florida. It had an Onan 5500 LP generator in it. I pulled it out and brought it up to Tennessee to use it as a back up generator for the house. Started it up before I pulled it out and it ran good. Now in Tennessee I looked up the LP requirements and It says I...
  8. CarolynandBob

    Vegas Inmates

    https://freebeacon.com/national-security/how-china-turned-a-tiny-vegas-radio-station-into-a-lobbyist-for-huawei/ Saw this and thought some might want to read about it.
  9. CarolynandBob

    F150 or Silverado or GMC Sierra???

    Now that we have stopped full timing and will leave the 5th wheel at the rv resort we stay for the winter. Now I do not need a F350 Dually anymore, we have been thinking about down grading. I have always been a Ford Truck guy. With our F350 we have had a lot of problems with the computer. We...
  10. CarolynandBob

    Doesn't fit the bullshit narrative.