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    Connections in CA

    All I want is a chance to see if he would sell it. Here is my number if anyone knows the guy and can pass it along. 832-993-9964. Nothing sketchy, long time member just looking for a boat.
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    Connections in CA

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    Connections in CA

    Anybody have a connection in CA that could get me the owners name and address of a boat owner using the CA registration #? Happy to pay you for your time, also if I buy the boat will pay you a finders fee. Thanks for any help, Trent.
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    Does anyone know whos 24 Spectra this is?

    Does anyone know who's 24 Spectra this is? I believe its in the Havasu area but not a 100% sure. I am trying to get ahold of owner to ask him a few questions about it. Thanks for any help.
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    Looking for this 24xs Spectra

    Anybody?? Thanks
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    Looking for this 24xs Spectra

    It’s not, I owned it and sold it to a guy in California.
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    Looking for this 24xs Spectra

    You sure are and it’s a very nice boat you are building.
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    Looking for this 24xs Spectra

    Does anyone know this boat or who happens to own it? Looks like it was for sale in Havasu about a year ago. Thanks for any help
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    Spectra 24XS

    How's the project coming along? Thanks
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    Looking for a clean 24xs vdrive, will pay good money for right boat.

    Anybody??? Any leads on anything? Thanks so much
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    Looking for a clean 24xs vdrive, will pay good money for right boat.

    Looking for a 24xs vdrive if anyone has a lead on one or owns one they would be willing to part with. Must be a vdrive, must be a 24, must be a XS. I am really looking for a clean one that is already done and ready to use. Thanks for any help or leads, Trent.
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    Need non bias opinion

    So I have had two 24xs Spectras, one with big power. I am looking at a stepped deck 22 schiada that is half way across the country. Not looking for a speed comparison but how they compare to ride in. The spectra was bigger and heavier and rode like a Cadillac in the chop. Anyone ridden in...
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    Spectra 24XS

    Very nice, congrats. I was next in line and going to by it if you didn’t show up on Tuesday. Let me know if you ever want to sell it. Thanks
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    anybody know whos 24xs Spectra this is?

    nevermind, sorry
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    Is video gone?
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    Dolly trailer parts, where to find?

    What's the best place online to find, fenders, axles, etc for a dolly trailer build? Thanks
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    Dolly trailer specs

    What kind of speeds could you tow a nice dolly trailer? I have an old stars and stripes Mastercraft ski boat I would like to put on a dolly trailer. Doesn't need breaks because boat doesn't weigh much and wouldn't tow it very far but could I run 65 mph down the highway for twenty miles? Thanks
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    Adrenaline trailers :thumbup:

    overpriced hallet, did they build you an all new trailer or redo the one you had? Thanks
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    My Old Beezer

    Bad Ass....any updates? Thanks