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  1. LHC Kirby

    OC Mission Viejo.... pavers

    Looking for a quality job. #1 Looking for suggestions, must do’s - don’t do’s. Any advice at all. Thanks in advance.
  2. LHC Kirby

    Got Room in the OC ? Lots of room!

    Long Story Short The California Fire Museum and Safety Learning Center (CFMSLC) is getting so close to becoming a reality. The virus has really slowed us down at the critical point of major fundraising. We have 5 acres promised in writing, from the "Great Park in Irvine" We have started a...
  3. LHC Kirby

    Exterior paint LHC

    Sooo.. I did a search... seems like that some recent recommendations have moved or not in business anymore. looking for positive comments on painters. Also would like, any flakes to stay away from.
  4. LHC Kirby

    Lost a load ?

    Looks like an expensive lost load.
  5. LHC Kirby

    South OC Machine Shop ... help

    Well... this is part of the crank to open an umbrella ($400) and it’s made from pot metal crap. Looking to get it made from real metal. I contacted manufacturer and they don’t sell just this part. Sooo I’m looking for a machine shop or other place that can make me one... my only other...
  6. LHC Kirby

    Beach/Lake/River chairs

    Sssoooo our chairs will likely last this summer. So I’m starting the search for the best chair. • folds up tight to fit in compartment. • drink holder • attached umbrella is a plus, but not needed. • inexpensive but not cheap. • Foot rest • arm rests seems simple enough right ? 🤪 Sssoooo any...
  7. LHC Kirby

    Help - 1975 E250 Window Regulator Drivers side.

    I am normally pretty good at finding stuff. I have a neighbor that has a 1975 Ford E250 Econoline van, with a 5.8. it is a club wagon. I can not find the window regulator for the drivers window for him. The regulator is basically the raising/lowering device for the window - this is a...
  8. LHC Kirby

    XM Radio Renewal

    My renewal is coming up, anyone know of any great ways to get it cheaper. I'm thinking of cancelling and see if they come back to me with a great deal. I have read other threads on this (all are many years old.) But the common theme is to get a confirmation of cancel, make sure it's...
  9. LHC Kirby

    Bad boat crash near Site 6

    Just heard possible head on, people in water. Will post when I know more.
  10. LHC Kirby

    Off road Barstow area

    My son is going out to the area for some off-roading..... anyone know if it’s “allowed “ I asked him if he checked the weather .. 100 for the most part..... yep
  11. LHC Kirby

    My little comedian

  12. LHC Kirby

    Leaving to Fiji ;-)

    We head out Wednesday about midnight from LAX to Melbourne for 3 nights, to Sydney for one night - doing the bridge climb near Opera House. Get on cruise ship for a 2 week cruise to Fiji... suppose to stop at Noumea, Lifou, Port Villa, Dravuni Island, Suva, Savusavu, Lautoka, > back to Sydney...
  13. LHC Kirby

    My grandpa’s box ??

    This box, was my grandpa’s, no one in the family knows what it was used for. It previously had shelves in the large section and on the door it has weird little strap with snaps to hang stuff. When closed, the latches have the little lock like a piece of luggage. ?? Any ideas ;)
  14. LHC Kirby

    Hole in One

    Wondering if any of you golfers have had a Hole in One ? perhaps... maybe... In San Juan Capistrano at San Juan Hills Golf Club On hole 9 at 156 yards with a 5 iron one bounce roll of 15 feet drops beautifully into hole.... because I got MY FIRST HOLE IN ONE TODAY, just like that :D:D:D
  15. LHC Kirby

    Missing your cushion ?

    Or recognize this for someone else?
  16. LHC Kirby

    LHC Site 5 boat accident

    Let’s hope all are okay .. reported about 10:11pm
  17. LHC Kirby

    GOLF Sept. 16 for a great gal...

    Sister of a friend of mine... still some open spots . . . come on out for a great time !!
  18. LHC Kirby

    *** THIS JUST IN ***

    If your boat seat cushions are not attached by a hinge or some great velcro.... and you tow without a boat cover and have NEVER lost a cushion..... Write your phone number on each one that you’ll never lose. W I T H . A L L . T H E . P O S T S . Over the last year about losing a cushion...
  19. LHC Kirby

    What was the first car you .......

    Farted in
  20. LHC Kirby

    Hot Water Challenge

    You either pour hot water on yourself or another person, or you drink it through a straw. DAM - what will they think of next... a new level of stupidity...