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  1. boater250s

    Cole 250s

    Found this Cole 250s for sale On Craigslist. People have said let me know if you see one for sale. It’s seems like a real good price. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/d/lake-elsinore-cole/6958368970.html
  2. boater250s

    RV HD portable dish

    25.00 ( In Havasu ) 562-822-1469
  3. boater250s

    Ski tow

    Ski tow - off 454 V-drive 40.00 ( in Havasu ) 562-822-1469
  4. boater250s

    Basset T-valve and line

    T-valve with line and water control valve 75.00 ( in Havasu ) 562-822-1469
  5. boater250s

    Bucket Seats

    Looking to buy some bucket seats, new or used. If anyone has any information, it's a Cole TR1. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. boater250s

    1975 Cole TR1

    My son and I found this Cole flatbottom in Parker, that had been in storage for 11 years. Already having two Coles, I couldn't pass it up. Love the old school look, gauges, rub rail etc. What I find interesting about this boat is that it has a straight deck. Wondering if anyone could enlighten...
  7. boater250s

    In Havasu prop 409

    Yes or no on prop 409 in Lake Havasu City and why ? Getting all kinds of answers from people in the city just curious.
  8. boater250s

    Stolen Cole SS

    Saw this Cole SS on another web sight, owner said it was stolen in the Needles area. Being a die hard Cole owner myself, I thought everyone on River Daves Place could keep their eyes out for it! Thanks for looking.
  9. boater250s

    Cole Nighthawk windshield

    Cole windshield for sale, has small chip on one end. 75.00. Ph 562-822-1469.
  10. boater250s

    So Cal Speed & Marine

    Just want to thank Mario, George and Gene for doing such a fine job on my Superhawk. Never been a fan of windshields, so when a portion of it broke, I decided to get rid of it all together. I removed the windshield, turned it over to So Cal Speed and Marine. They filled the holes and regeled it...
  11. boater250s

    Sewer Bill in Lake Havasu

    Just moved to Havasu, I'm just wondering, does this seem like a normal sewer bill for a total of 3 adults? It's a 2,000 sq ft home with a pool and spa. Thanks!
  12. boater250s

    Club Cat Golf Cart

    Club Car Golf Cart, 36 volt, batteries are 2 years old. Runs great, in good condition with charger. Golf cart is located in Parker, AZ. 1,400.00 OBO. Ph:562-310-8245
  13. boater250s

    Hours on a 454 and 502 Mag Motor

    Trying to find, what others would consider to be a lot of hours on these motors, taking into consideration your experiences and opinions. Whats a lot of hours? Thanks in advance for your feedback and help.
  14. boater250s

    Windshield for a COLE Superhawk

    I'm looking for a windshield replacement for my Superhawk. I posted photos, it's not that bad, it just bugs the crap outta me and I think a lot of you know what I mean. I'm trying to keep it original. Some people have suggested just to take it off. I'm leaning towards keeping it original, any...
  15. boater250s

    Cheap asses at River Island

    I've been staying at River island a while now. I recently noticed that people don't pay the day use fee of $10 to launch their boat. I don't wanna debate if their should be a fee or not. The bottom line is their is a fee, and people are aware of it. My point? If you can't pay ten bucks to launch...
  16. boater250s

    River Island and the family boats

    Finally got together with the family...the four kids. We finally got a picture of all three boats together. My 25 foot Cole, my sons 21 ft Howard, and my other sons 210 Hallet. As you can tell they've taken after their father and love the closed bow. Just thought I'd share...
  17. boater250s

    Casale V Drive and assorted parts

    Casale V Drive 12 degree with 15 gears. Would like to sell all together. In Long Beach area, open to meeting maybe half way. 650.00 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  18. boater250s

    5th wheel trailer storage

    I'm looking for some outdoor storage for a 35' ft trailer, in the Parker area. I'd sure appreciate any assistance, advice or help you all may have to offer.
  19. boater250s

    78 Miller Jet Boat

    Posting this boat for my son. 460 Ford Berkley Jet. Hull and trailer in good shape. The upholstery could use a little work. New tires. Any questions, call 562-310-8245. $4500.00.
  20. boater250s

    AT&T Park San Francisco

    My wife and I are going up to San Francisco from Southern Cal. Going to see the Dodgers play the Giants. Looking for a place to eat before the game. Just looking for some recommendations...thanks for the help. Oh ya...go Giants!!