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  1. stryderphoto

    2017 Lake Elsinore GP Goes Back To The Streets

    I saw this on the Lake Elsinore City Hall FB page and thought I'd share it here. The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix is coming back to the streets of Lake Elsinore in November, for more info go to elsinoregrandprix.com
  2. stryderphoto

    Parker International Water Ski Race - Photos

    True to form I'm a bit late getting some photos up but here's a selection of shots from Saturday and Sunday. The first race of the year always seems like the first day back to school after not having seen so many friends and acquaintances for so long. Hope you like the photos!
  3. stryderphoto

    StryderPhoto's 2016 SCSC Bluewater Thanksgiving Photos

    Here's a few photos from Friday's racing at the 70th Annual BlueWater Thanksgiving Regatta in Parker, AZ.
  4. stryderphoto

    StryderPhoto's 2016 San Diego Bayfair Photos

    It's been quite some time since I've posted a photo thread so what better time than after another San Diego Bayfair is in the books. It was another awesome weekend as always with great weather, great (and safe) racing, great people and great times, in short... It was F'ing great! It was a...
  5. stryderphoto

    2015 San Diego Bayfair Photos

    Here's a few photos of 2015 San Diego Bayfair to get this thread started. It was a weekend full of heat, humidity and great boat racing so stay tuned for more photos.
  6. stryderphoto

    2014 Parker Enduro 336 - PHOTOS

    Haven't had much time to go through photos yet but here are a few from very early in the race on Saturday.
  7. stryderphoto

    Parker 50/75 (Marathons) - Sept 2014 Photos

    Here's a few photos to get the thread started, stay tuned for more to be added as I go through them.
  8. stryderphoto

    2014 RDP Desert Storm After Party Thread Link

    Here's a link to the RDP Desert Storm Party at the Javelina http://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/showthread.php?113998-StryderPhoto-s-DS-After-Party-Photos As of now the thread is a sticky in the lounge so if / when is gets moved I'll update the link.
  9. stryderphoto

    StryderPhoto's DS After Party Photos

    As you can tell by the awesome photo Gallery that Pink Taco posted the RDP Desert Storm after party was a rager, great work Tom! Sorry for the almost identical thread title, didn't know what else to call it :D If you were there you know, if you couldn't make it hopefully the photos will show you...
  10. stryderphoto

    P-550 Shake Down - Irvine Lake

    Met up with Andrew Games and the rest of the P550 crew at Irvine Lake this afternoon to test the new boat. Have only put in a few laps so far but the boat looks good.
  11. stryderphoto

    Gentlemen Start Your Engines

    Let the season begin... Just a quick post from the starting line of a past NWSRA race in Parker to get you pumped. Heading to Parker Friday morning and really looking forward to the weekend of racing, see you there.
  12. stryderphoto

    2013 Bluewater Enduro 336 Photo Gallery Link

    Here is the link to my photo galleries from the 2013 Bluewater 336 Enduro: http://stryderphoto.zenfolio.com/f379494250
  13. stryderphoto

    New Obama Legislation - "Affordable Boat Act"

    I did not write this but Just thought I'd pass along this important piece of new legislation I found. I guess it must have passed during a secret session. The U.S. government has just passed a new law called: "The affordable boat act" declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new boat...
  14. stryderphoto

    BlueWater 336 Enduro Photos and Stories

    Ok folks, I'm starting this thread to create the "One Stop Shopping" place for one and all to post their photos and share their stories from the Bluewater 336 Enduro. RD made sure there was plenty of photo and video coverage of the event by having no less four staff photographers as well as...
  15. stryderphoto

    2013 Bayfair Photos by Stryder Photos and OCPhotorgraphics!!

    Wanted to post a few shots from Bayfair in San Diego today (Saturday) just to get this thread started. In addition to a day filled with great racing, Daren (OC Photographics) and I had the pleasure of meeting up with a bunch of inmates including JBB, Eli, MissB, Froggystyle, Tamalewagon, Mrs...
  16. stryderphoto

    Social Media Photos

    I post a lot of photos on my various social media accounts so I thought I'd start including them in a thrread here in my gallery on RDP. The image quality isn't all that great since the files are low res but either way I wanted another place to show these images so here they are. Currently I've...
  17. stryderphoto

    Keep F#&@!ng That Chicken

  18. stryderphoto

    2013 Parker Marathons Thread Link

  19. stryderphoto

    Late Night Lounge

    I can't properly explain why but as a self confessed night owl I have found that trolling RD's Lounge after 10pm is an entirely different experience than when I get hooked into following the inmate activities (while I should be working) during the daytime hours. Certainly there's no shortage...