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  1. Hypnautic

    Maricopa, AZ

    Son has a Lacrosse (LAX) tournament this weekend. Looking for places at eat. Staying in Gilbert, DoubleTree but don’t mind the drive for some good grinds.. Also, anybody need brought to/from Vegas??
  2. Hypnautic

    2003 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Quadrasteer

    Father-in-law looking to sell his Suburban. 2003 Chevy Suburban LT 4x4 with Quadrasteer Purchased in NorCal in 2006. 253,000 miles. Mechanically sound and reliable. Exterior shows some expected rock chips, small dent on back bumper and small scrape on left rear quarter. Interior shows wear...
  3. Hypnautic

    Pool — what an original thread idea!!

    Sorry-want to start my own pool thread. Part of my major life changes will include a home that can garage 10+ cars. Yes, I will need it as I’m already at 7 and want more. So a home I’m considering is on a slope that overlooks part of the valley. It’s .75 of an acre and kinda terraced in 3...
  4. Hypnautic

    What’s would be cheaper and easier.

    Shopping for a new home. Just can’t find what I need within budget. Yes, at 2MM it would be no problem but at say $750k, it’s not so easy. Notice I said need too. This is more than a want. My current inventory of cars includes 4 classic cars ranging in age from 90yo to 25yo with a wish list...
  5. Hypnautic

    Grads showing up Shintoo how he does Vegas..

  6. Hypnautic

    Nevada Tile Installation Recommendation

    As the title reads. Looking to see if anyone has a line on a good installer. Or if anyone does that work out here. Jobs about 2000sqft. Just installing new tile downstairs. Concrete subfloor. 24x48 tiles.
  7. Hypnautic

    Custom Car Shop

    Looking to have my ‘64 Falcon but back together. Have all the parts and pieces, just don’t have the time. I would rather enjoy it now then wait another two years. Im in Vegas, but willing to haul it where it can get done. Looking for an original style restoration only adding custom wheel and...
  8. Hypnautic

    FannieMae is OPEN

    See what I did there [emoji1617][emoji1617] But in all seriousness. There may be some on here, people that know people or may be able to share this to help someone else. https://www.fanniemae.com/portal/media/corporate-news/2020/covid-homeowner-assistance-options-7000.html
  9. Hypnautic

    MacCarran (LAS) got the Virus - and now it’s closed

    Vegas really going to be a ghost town now! Don’t have a link. You can google. Short version- an ATC tested positive. All airborne flights diverted. All inbound flight on ground stop.
  10. Hypnautic

    Vegas is Closed

    News conference at 6. Non-essential, blah, blah, blah just like all the other cities.
  11. Hypnautic

    Do residents in CA still stock extra supplies?

    So growing up and living in Ca- we always stocked enough goods for a major earthquake. Does that still happen? Our travel trailer always carried extra water, food, TP, etc just in case of the “big one”. Enough that we could have lived without running water and power for at least two weeks. Would...
  12. Hypnautic

    Audi Owners

    Looking for some real world perspective on Audi ownership. What year and model and how has the car held up? Anything that is now come loose or started to rattle? Minor or major repairs? Reliability? Interested to know across all models as I am considering an A4 Quattro (Premier+ or Prestige)...
  13. Hypnautic

    Lincoln hookup

    Do we have a Lincoln hookup. Have co-worker looking at ‘20 Nautilus or maybe Aviator.
  14. Hypnautic

    When it happens a little to close to home.

    I work for a mid size mortgage company. Our corporate office is here in Las Vegas and we have over 70 offices nationwide, but that does not limit our company culture and we do consider each office an extension of our family. Example-our owners travel through the country hosting a “Breaking...
  15. Hypnautic

    What car did you take your drivers license test in.

    So today my daughter took and passed her drivers license test. You have all been warned!! So it dawned on me that I took my license test in a Jaguar Xj6, today my daughter passed her test in a Jaguar XF. Thought the Jag connection was kinda cool.
  16. Hypnautic

    Where does your wife drag you to?

    I can usually escape these places. Offer to pay for her and girlfriends. Get her to give me a rain check only to keep ducking out when it comes up again. Well, I lost tonight. If you don’t know where I am-you can keep your man card. Otherwise you can ask your wives, daughter or Grads...
  17. Hypnautic

    Hallett on Hallett

    You could be the leader of the Hallett gang with this set up. When owning a Hallett is not enough! 224 Hallett Cove Ct, Boulder City https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/224-Hallett-Cove-Ct_Boulder-City_NV_89005_M20078-12421
  18. Hypnautic

    Company Christmas Parties

    This years line up.. Open bar, raffle for TV, Mac books Anybody else having them this year?
  19. Hypnautic

    2017 Ford Fusion

    Looking for something like this for my Daughter. Must have leather, technology package (nav BT) and be white. Could have light or dark interior and be regular or hybrid. Prefer used. Whatcha got?
  20. Hypnautic

    Home AC question

    There are some equipment repairs that are easier to understand and feel like your not getting ass punched. Home AC is not one of them- for me at least. Anybody in the industry, or recently experienced, an AC repair that had to replace the condenser and coil? Unit is 12 years old. Has a leak...