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  1. troostr

    Super 73 electric bikes

    Wife and I have 3 speed Stompers and love them. I talked to Jim in May, with Covid, wife and I figured we'd get some more bike time in and were going to order one for each of our kids, well, maybe hand ours down and upgrade to Sonics. Jim told me to hold tight because he had such limited...
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    Super 73 electric bikes

    Why would you want to ride something that looks like a moped or an overgrown mini bike with a motor? These things are badass!!
  3. troostr

    Super 73 electric bikes

    Look at Soul Cruisers Sonic. Az company, owner Jim Decker is a good guy!
  4. troostr

    Coffee Maker or K Cup Machine?

    Yup! I got a new one a couple months ago on Amazon. I had one I found at a yard sale when I was single. It was a Kitchen Aide, always great till it shit the bed 20 years after I bought it. We have a kuirig my wife and kids like it. I have my perk plugged into a timer so it’s brewed about 1/2...
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    Liking The sounds of freedom

    I’m 2.5 miles from FLETC (federal law enforcement training center) they go through about a pallet of ammo every day. I’ve been able to tour the whole place, their indoor range is amazing! They have 7 different outdoor ranges. When the wind is right it sound like they’re in my range on the farm!
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    Keychain Foldable Rubber Band Gun

    one stocking stuffer for the fam done!
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    Wife’s New Ride

    Love it!! IMHO, that thing is begging for a little black vinyl treatment (pardon the crappy photo edit, but you get the idea) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Indoor dining

    A Restaurant in Newport. Make reservations and request inside not the tent. Great place!
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    I think we saw Ryan at the Liberty in Roswell a while back. He’ll do well in his time.
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    I would have to add Casey Donahue to that list too. We’ve seen him several times, and again a few weeks ago in Lubbock at Cooks Garage. Bri Bagwell is another good Texas country gal (from Las Cruses NM actually) great writing and voice!
  11. troostr

    Johnson family fun adventure

    Shit! I’m glad we got through there before the snow! We went through Saturday, it was just windy as shit and cold. After our weekend in Visalia to see family we were going to head back to Williams and Sedona. Then we saw the snow and all hit, so we changed up and are at Newport Dunes till Saturday.
  12. troostr

    Vote with half your brain

    I left in 2003. Problem I see nowadays, it seems a lot of the people leaving Commiefornia are moving to more conservative and tax friendly states, but voting like they did in Ca. Move. That's great! just don't California the rest of the good states. Texas is becoming a good example of this.
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    Cart Narcs

  14. troostr

    Wives Pic Thread - NEW & IMPROVED

    I’ll update. She’s pretty Rad, like her hat says, I’m sure drinking helps her tolerate my shit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Escalade used to shut off at 100

    Do tell... I've been looking to do my new GMC 2500 L5P.
  16. troostr

    It’s been a good 12 years....

    That's not far off from what they gave me. The interior still looked new, leather is easy to keep up. I had Weather Tech's front and back as well so the carpet looked new. The only interior wear was on the ff button for the radio and the metal emblem in the center of the steering wheel was...
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    It’s been a good 12 years....

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/262151305419 This listing is for a ford but you’ll get the idea
  18. troostr

    It’s been a good 12 years....

    190k, 12 years, deleted since it left the dealer with a hot PPE tuner, this is the longest I’ve ever kept a daily. It was a Great truck, and will continue to be for the next person. My buddy who is the GM at the local dealership called and said he had another good friend looking for a good used...
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    Captainsauctionwarehouse.com He also has a showroom with a Ton of pins, new to old to play. Chris is a great dude, does a bunch for the Spirit Leauge of OC.
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