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  1. Motor Boater

    Livorsi Controls

    These came out of my Howard. Work perfectly. $250.
  2. Motor Boater

    Fraud Videos

    Where can you see all these videos. I’ve seen ones from California where workers are taking 1000s of ballots from an election box long after the winner was declared. It seems every time I see a video that is eye opening I can’t ever find it again. Anyone have these vids or know where to find them?
  3. Motor Boater

    Let’s talk about cleats, lines and fenders for docking.

    So my Howard has some fairly small pop up cleats. It’s dam near impossible to get the fenders and lines on one cleat and even harder to adjust them. I was thinking about putting in pin cleats for the fenders but the boat is so clean I hate to add them. What’s everyone using?
  4. Motor Boater

    Shit is crazy right now

    Boat prices are crazy. I put my kids Suzuki 50 Up for sale tonight and have probably 30 people messaging me on it. It’s worth like $400. I put it up for $500 since there is nothing out there and I’m getting hammered with offers. I currently have 3 offers over list price and people begging to...
  5. Motor Boater

    Good scam?

    I posted my wife’s 2008 denali for sale and I got a text from someone saying they were Interested and “could arrange the cash” and “my final price was fair” etc so it sounded like a scam. Then the guy keep asking to meet and says he needs to take the day off so it’s sounds legit. Then he says...
  6. Motor Boater

    Where does everyone like to stay in Havasu?

    I love the nautical property but it’s such a shit hole. Stayed at Heat once and liked that. Any other good spots?
  7. Motor Boater

    How many miles can I get out of this?

  8. Motor Boater

    Any roofers on the board? I had some questions.

    Just had my roof redone with 2 layers of underlayment and you can see under the tiles the underlayment is not lay flat in several spots. I’m concerned in a hard windy rain that water will go right underneath the paper. Also, originally the roofer mentioned a flashing that goes underneath these...
  9. Motor Boater

    Offer Up LOL

    So I’m looking at motorcycles on offer up and I run across the ATC for sale. As if it’s not odd enough the guy keeps this machine in his living room check out what’s in the table behind it.
  10. Motor Boater

    We will make great pets!

  11. Motor Boater

    Anyone ever rent an RV?

    Thinking about renting an RV and hitting the road for 2 or 3 weeks. Sick of sitting at home. Looked on outdoorsy website and found a few. Anywhere else I should look? Anything to watch out for? Thinking a 28ish class C or similar. Thoughts? Takes? Thanks
  12. Motor Boater

    Is there an AirBnB for boats?

    I’ve tried a couple different apps, BoatMe, GetMyBoat and boatsetter but I can’t find shit. I would love to rent a cabin cruiser or sailboat to stay on in a marina somewhere in Cali for several days. Tried craigslist too and can’t seem to find anything.
  13. Motor Boater

    Boats for sale website’s? What’s everyone using?

    Sold my boat yesterday so I’m looking for the replacement. Interested in a 28 Howard bullet MCOB or 288 Sunsation. Possibly a conquest or magic deck boat. Something with stock merc power, preferably a 525. Checking craigslist, boat trader, RDP, power boat listings etc. Found coast motor...
  14. Motor Boater

    Golf Cart Battery gurus need help

    So last year I had new battery’s and during the summer I didn’t drive the cart much and the batts got drained too low so my charger wouldn’t kick on. I took it in and they charged each battery individually until they would take a charge. Last week I noticed the cart is slower than normal so I...
  15. Motor Boater

    [SOLD] 2006 Tige 24VE

    2006 Tige 24 VE. Boat runs perfect has a huge JL Audio stereo with kicker 12inch sub. Huge Bimini, wakeboard and surfboard racks. Heater, Taps system. Boat has just been detailed, serviced, all new trailer brakes, new bunks, tires are a year and a half old. On board battery charger. I’ll...
  16. Motor Boater

    Anyone in Havasu have a good newer kids wakeboard they want to get rid of?

    Coming out tomorrow through Wednesday and my kids wakeboard is too small. Looking for around a 125 if anyone has one their kids grew out of that they want to sell. Thanks
  17. Motor Boater

    Top 5 places to eat in Havasu

    Go... disclaimer, prefer non chain, really good food.
  18. Motor Boater

    Quick question on gel coat sanding

    I had a few spot in my keel where the gel coat has rubbed off and fiberglass was starting to show. A few of the spots had pin holes with small voids so I filled everything with marinetex repair kit. I want to sand down some of the areas where it went on kind of thick but I’m not sure what grit...
  19. Motor Boater

    Anyone have a Pizza Oven?

    I kinda want one of these things. Anyone have one? Do they work good? What’s better the gas or the pellet? Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker, Portable Oven, Outdoor Cooking, Award Winning Pizza Oven https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VW7YLDL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_HUXqEbYAK17KH Ooni Koda...
  20. Motor Boater

    I got denied buying booze today

    Stopped at circle k to grab some booze for the house. One bottle of Tito’s, a Pepsi and Gatorade for junior. Lady says I can’t buy booze because I have a kid with me. I’m like WTF? I told her I buy beer, wine, vodka etc all the time with my kids. My wife buys booze every week when she does...