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  1. El Chingon

    Reward Credit Card

    Yes, i use mine there for gas and purchases.
  2. El Chingon

    Residential A/C service *San Gabriel Valley*

    Robert S-Graphic Air (Chino) 909-917-8534 He's a Boardmember here but Don't think he posts much anymore. Has always taken care of me.
  3. El Chingon

    Lake Havasu fishing

    Back in June "Uncle Joe" took us Striper fishing up in the river. We hit all his Honey Holes. Caught stripers at every spot. My son caught this 7lb striper on anchovies. Last year I caught a 30lb Turtle out by the casino.
  4. El Chingon

    All new Yamaha Superjet

    Had it for 4 years, was in clean condition with a few upgrades and sold it for $4500. Buyer was taking it to Brazil to race it.
  5. El Chingon

    All new Yamaha Superjet

    Dam! I paid $4500 back in 1990 when I bought one.
  6. El Chingon

    A/C Guy in IE

    I have had great luck with Graphic Air-Robert Soscia out of Chino. 909-917-8534. He's a boardmember here. Doesn't post much.
  7. El Chingon

    Hey Dude Shoes

    Did you get a free pair of Richard Simmons shorts with the purchase?
  8. El Chingon

    best soft side cooler? 36 can at least

    Return it to costco for a full refund.Only seen the hard sided coho ice chests this year.look like a "yeti style" hardside.
  9. El Chingon

    best soft side cooler? 36 can at least

    My buddy bought 2 of the Costco Coho soft sided ice chests. Never heard of them or if they were legit? Until after we used them all weekend long in Parker last year....I'm a believer now. I've been using AO coolers for 20 years.
  10. El Chingon

    2013 BMW 550i

    Thanks! I couldn't stop looking at your Ad! You snooze you Lose!!!
  11. El Chingon

    XM Radio Renewal

    I have been playing the game a while now too. Surprised they had the $60 renewal through the recording?
  12. El Chingon

    XM Radio Renewal

    I just renewed this week for the same renewal from last year. $60 plus $13 in taxes so $73 for the XM select for 12 months. In fact I called the phone # and never spoke to an agent. They offered it over the phone through the recording. I agreed and got a confirmation email for $73. Call...
  13. El Chingon

    Gater step or equivalent

    You go with the gatorstep or seadek?
  14. El Chingon

    Deal on Synthetic Oil

  15. El Chingon

    Road Side assistance Plans

    AAA Premiere Also Last summer coming home from Havasu my HydroBoost took a shit. Got the truck as far as 199 miles from home and called AAA for my 200 mile tow. Put us on a flatbed and drove us home. I made sure us 3 would fit in the cab. Didn't pay a dime for the tow either. After 52 years...
  16. El Chingon

    Bigbore's latest project - 2004 Silverado 2500HD

    Looking good BB500!! I love my '04 2500HD LT 2WD LB 8.1L . I'm the original owner. As much as I would love to upgrade I just can't. Just hit 59k miles on last trip to Havasu.
  17. El Chingon

    Large Box anchor

    @River Runnin Thanks for the trade last weekend!!
  18. El Chingon

    [WTB] WTB Placecraft 23 deckboat

    @EFH I was just on Coast Motor Group website and saw an '04 Placecraft Deck.
  19. El Chingon

    WTB magic, ultra shadow, or similar Deck Boat

    Just saw a few Magic Decks on Coast Motor Group website in your budget.