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  1. jasonwtc

    2002 Buckshot X5

    new price bump season is here
  2. jasonwtc

    Slow August

    it has been slower than usual.
  3. jasonwtc

    Sierra Safari - Anyone going?

    did it a couple years ago and will probably do it this year. its a fun ride nothing hard to do just good trail ride. nothing is in hawthorne except a casino and bar. but beer is cold and tastes great after the long days ride. its probably better to stay the night sunday because you don't get to...
  4. jasonwtc

    2002 Buckshot X5

    how about $29,000 glamis season is not that far away
  5. jasonwtc

    2002 Buckshot X5

    2002 buckshot X5 4.6L northstar, 2D Trans 934 CV's. 5 seater Color is Dark Purple. last year rebuilt all king bypass and coil overs. new internals cerakoted the bodies and powder coated the coils to match car. while shocks were off replaced all heims, bearings and powdercoated the arms. wilwood...
  6. jasonwtc

    Boxed Tri-5 Frame and 4link value

    about 2 years ago i saw a factory boxed 56 frame with front and rear factory suspension, rear end, rims and tires and guy wanted $1500 located in huntington beach. he had switched to a aftermarket frame and wanted to get rid of it. i think as frame swaps become more popular they will get cheaper...
  7. jasonwtc

    Head on at Topoc?

    have they given out any new information about what actually happened in the accident? lights no lights drunk or sober
  8. jasonwtc

    [WTS] 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 $7000.00 obo

    new lower price 6500 and it is located in brea now
  9. jasonwtc

    [WTS] 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 $7000.00 obo

    sold sold sold
  10. jasonwtc

    Does ultra have the "FORCE" molds???

    i was wondering if the adrenaline was the mold from the mach 26. if they didn't change it too much and keep it priced right i think it would be a good selling boat. i want one if its still as good as when dcb had it
  11. jasonwtc

    Does ultra have the "FORCE" molds???

    who has the dcb mach 26 molds?
  12. jasonwtc

    WTB: Newish GM 3/4 ton gas crew cab

    what about a 2003 chevy 2500hd with a 8.1 crew cab long bed 2wd grey cloth. has 240,000 miles on it. never a problem father in law has owned it since new. havent looked what they are selling for yet but im picking it up on thurs to help him sell it.
  13. jasonwtc

    Boat Bling Black Friday Discount

    Just purchased some hot sauce
  14. jasonwtc

    Has anyone ever removed a lift kit?

    see if you can download rough country instructions to see what was done to install the kit. if nothing was cut or welded you can take it off. would probably just need stock spindles.
  15. jasonwtc

    1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

    price reduced $8000.00obo im not sure what to price it at they are priced all over. if your interested shoot me a offer and i will let you know
  16. jasonwtc

    1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

    they do look good when all fixed up. i just have way to many cars and its time to let some of them go
  17. jasonwtc

    1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

    1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Olympic white exterior sandle wood interior. car has 103,000 miles it has driven 100 miles in the last 4 years. A/C air conditioning, front power bucket seats, power windows power locks power seats. 390 V8 Automatic tranny has been sitting for a little bit but starts...
  18. jasonwtc

    Looking at getting a used RV

    wife and i just decided to buy a rv and our budget is $30k so im interested in this thread. not going for a diesel pusher though. a buddies parents have a older beaver its a nice motorhome. only has one bed in it though.
  19. jasonwtc


    i also wouldn't mind knowing the total length of the boat and also the height. im wondering if it will fit in my garage.
  20. jasonwtc

    Business overall?

    i am slow every year in july. nobody wants to lower or lift trucks they spend the money on vacations. the rest of the 11 months we are slowly going up in sales every year. everybody i talk to says the next bubble will burst in 2-3 years so i am planning for that.