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  1. The 5th Annual Halletts in Havasu

    The 5th Annual Halletts in Havasu

    Not everything in 2020 has been a bust. Just ask the 92 registered Hallett owners who attended the 5th annual Halletts in Havasu event here in Lake Havasu last weekend. Yes, even with a modified event due to COVID restrictions, the loyal Hallett owners showed up in droves to support the event...
  2. LOTO Shootout Wrap Up

    LOTO Shootout Wrap Up

    The last day of the LOTO shootout opened up in complete contrast from the day before, with bright sunshine and perfect temperatures. We got to the docks early for a planned photo shoot of the new 46’ Black Thunder Raised Deck which turned out great (feature article on this boat coming soon)...
  3. 2020 LOTO Updates, Days 2 - 4

    2020 LOTO Updates, Days 2 - 4

    If you haven't been to the LOTO Shootout, theres something you should know. The action never stops. Its constant. From day-to-night, every day from the time you arrive its a constant schedule of parities, street shows, bar hopping, races, poker runs, fun-run's, boating, and more parties. If you...
  4. 2020 LOTO Shootout Gets Underway

    2020 LOTO Shootout Gets Underway

    The Lake of the Ozarks shootout officially kicked off yesterday with the famous street party in Osage Beach, Missouri. If there was a global pandemic going on, you wouldn’t have known it by walking the strip. Boats lined the street on either side from end to end, and thousands of people showed...
  5. A Steele of a Deal on the Parker Strip

    A Steele of a Deal on the Parker Strip

    Story by Erick Bryner. Photos by Erick Bryner and Daren VanRyte If you’re local to Havasu or Parker, you’ve probably heard of Scott Steele. Known for his collection of beautiful K-boats, his reputation as a party animal is eclipsed only by his love for the river. And if you’ve paid any...
  6. The Parker 425 Soars Into 2020

    The Parker 425 Soars Into 2020

    Wheeler Morgan from Brawley, CA, races the chopper to the next turn on Friday's race day. The Parker 425 kicked off the start of the Best In The Desert car and truck racing season last weekend in Parker, AZ with thousands of fans lining up to watch both days of racing. In a first for the 425...
  7. 2019 Big Cat Poker Run

    2019 Big Cat Poker Run

    The Big Cat Poker Run took place in Northern California last week with great success. As a Northern California native now living in Southern California, I always look forward to covering this event as I grew up boating on the Delta and consider it my hometown event. Normally very hot this...
  8. Catalina or Bust

    Catalina or Bust

    Todd Haig wins first in Men's Open and first overall behind the 43' Nordic with Randy Davis driving, Steve Davis as Navigator and Dennis Hall as Observer. The 71st running of the world famous Catalina Ski Race took place this weekend in Long Beach, CA with all of the hype and fanfare you would...
  9. Celebrating a Hero

    Celebrating a Hero

    My last article on RDP was for the Long Beach Sprint Nationals. If you read it, you’ll know that the weekend didn’t necessarily have a happy ending. It turned tragic when our friend, Greg Duff, was critically injured in an accident on the first turn of the second race of Sunday morning. At...