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  1. Sharpy

    DT playing the Democrats ace against

    Playing own Democrats game against them...
  2. Sharpy

    Boat stereo question

    Hey guy's, I'm trying to figure out how many amps my stereo is pulling so I can decide if I need to re configure my charging system. But using online conversion tables I've got to be missing something. Here's what I'm working with: 1 J.L. HD1200/1 1 J.L. HD750/1 2 J.L. HD600/4 Charging...
  3. Sharpy


    Is this anybody we know? https://www.facebook.com/363765800431935/videos/801640306644480/
  4. Sharpy

    Night Stalker Dead!

    Sorry Ritchie, had to scoop you on this! http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/07/richard-ramirez-night-stalker-dead-dues-serial-killer/
  5. Sharpy

    IE glass/gel repair??

    Can any of you IE peeps recommend a shop for glass and gel repairs? We'll be down Presidents weekend and would like to hit a few shops on Sat. to get some estimates. All ready set up with Islander but looking for a couple extra opinions. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sharpy

    Need to find a trailor shop asap!

    Need some help. Blew out a bearing, and need to have a hub rebuilt asap. I need to find a trailor shop in the sfv or Castaic area. Any help would be great, Chris.
  7. Sharpy

    LEO question

    My oldest daughter now has her driver's learning permit. I got to thinking about the time when I got mine and remembered being the DD for my dad many times. If I am riding with her, I understand that I become her "instructor" and am responsible for her actions, so my questions are: If I am not...
  8. Sharpy

    Can anyone get ahold of Atomickitn (Bobby)?

    Can anyone get ahold of Bobby for me or PM me his number? I have a question about my Dana and can't reach anyone at the shop. Thanks -Chris
  9. Sharpy

    Is anyone missing a hatch?

    If anyone's missing a white w/purple striped hatch or runs into someone who is, I just passed it on E/B 40 about 3-5 miles W/O Goffs Rd. It's still in good shape as it is sitting on it's bottom. Chris
  10. Sharpy

    Motorcycle accident in Hesperia?

    Does anyone remember a thread either here or on PB last week about a member's wife calling him home because someone had crashed a motorcycle into his wall? Seems I remember seing pictures of the bike and wall. Reason I ask is, I believe it was a friend of mine riding the bike. I've done a search...
  11. Sharpy

    RitcheyRch, your slip'in

    How did you miss this story? I came across this story this morning.http://news.aol.com/story/_a/bodies-fall-out-of-sky-after-planes/20080121073309990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001
  12. Sharpy

    Door advice needed

    Last night I installed a double door for my parents. The problem is this, the door is 6' wide so we bought an exterior set to use as an interior door. As an exterior door it has the double bore for the deadbolt. Does anyone have any advice on how to seal/fill the deadbolt bore hole? My 2 idea's...