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    Lynsi Lavelle Snyder-Ellingson (previously Seawell, Martinez, and Torres; born May 5, 1982) is an American billionaire businesswoman, the owner and heiress of the In-N-Out Burger company.
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    Unconventional Christmas classic movies

    No kidding, I watched them film a movie in Big Bear, Taylor Cole was in it. Only good think about these movies is the women are hot and it makes the wife happy, gives me time to be in the garage.
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    Boys are going to turn out all right

    This is great, Good job with your kids. You guys remember Wood Shop, Auto Shop, Metal Shop, I learned to solder ( I sucked) and wield (I sucked) and then...wood shop, I loved, and still do, working with wood. These skills are what built America and helps us win wars. Computers are nice but...
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    Unconventional Christmas classic movies

    ah come-on guys, you know you watch the Hallmark channel 😄
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    Tyson fight

    Tysons getting old, ugly as hell, put on a little weight and stupid ass tattoo...and would kill me with one punch. I guess he's gotta make a buck somehow. didn't see the fight, watched the highlights after. being a boxer has to be a hard way to make a living.
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    Craiglist ATV Sale

    Sold my wife's Mazda, Mexican couple...broken English and all. I wrote a bill of sale, got all the info off HER drivers license, he didn't have one. Got cash, all was good. Went to AAA next day, made sure car was out of our name. Fast forward, 2 weeks, car was never registered, was used in a...
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    Vintage Babe Thread

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    Best "road trip" burgers around. I love the box they pack the fries and burger in, perfect for driving and eating. Double Double and grilled onions , fries with a soda, yumm!!
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    Did I read correct on Idaho local news (Internet) that In n Out is coming to Boise, ID?? I take everything with a grain of salt until its confirmed on RDP;)
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    Possible Parker Strip Incident?

    Sure hope the driver is ok...Not that it matters but any idea how fast he was going ? I've never been in a boat crash let alone in a Blown Alcohol, just wondering what it takes to have that happen.
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    Hot Boat!

    No kidding, a boat that size, that expensive, you would think the fade into the flames would be a bit more professional.
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    Dana Point

    Harbor House Cafe...is it still there? On PCH. One in Sunset Beach too. Surf in the morning, Chili Cheese Omelet when we were done. Yumm
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    He's back

    oh, that's wayyy Eastern Idaho...regardless, thanks for the information. I think I will dive in a bit deeper and see if there is somthing here in Boise area along the same lines. Sure is nice of the guy to help folks who are less fortunate. I always said if I won the lottery I would certainly...
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    He's back

    Can you elaborate a bit more about what this is? I'm new to Eastern Idaho (Boise area) and this is sure a heart-warming story. Is this a charitable organization, some rich dude spreading his wealth? Sure would like to help if possible. I don't have much but lots of folks have less... thanks
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    Dana Point

    Great picture...looks like somthing from Endless Summer. Life seemed so simple back then.
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    Dana Point

    Doheny, Dana Point- Even sang about by the Beach Boys (Surfin USA) Surfed there as well as up and down the coast all through the 70's. Still have my Original Plastic Fantastic surfboard I purchased in 1974, Main Street Huntington Beach. Paid 175.00 Back then, I had to make payments via Lay...
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    Flat bottom outboard?

    I had a 1956 Dick Shuster 16ft flatbottom with a 100hp Merc as my first boat. It was fun but then, I didn't know any different I have some pictures need to find and post