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  1. Sleek-Jet

    Green pork chili with potatoes

    I don't know what dock Wheeler has been living under :D, but green chili stew and eggs with hash browns is what's for breakfast... All the restaurants back home have it on their menus in the morning.
  2. Sleek-Jet

    So when you have a kid in college...

    Not the same though. All of that 1500 hours is not training, about 200-300 hours training is required for all the licenses.
  3. Sleek-Jet

    Battery operated weedwhacker?

    +1 on this, I've got one just to trim up around the edges of the lawn. I charge it about twice a summer, "worx" great and yes, it feeds properly.
  4. Sleek-Jet

    2020 Goodwood racing videos

    Rather see them "go out with their boots on" than rot behind a velvet rope. Years ago I read an article about vintage auto racing. The author was somewhat clutching his pearls about the high value of the cars. One of the owners was quoted as saying all the cars were documented ex race cars...
  5. Sleek-Jet

    Trashed Desert.

    We always hauled our trash out, a couple of those big 50 gallon can liners doubled up and stuffed between the bikes on the trailer. Places we went were so remote there wasn't any trash pick up so I guess we didn't have any choice.
  6. Sleek-Jet

    Guy jumps off of the top of PennyBacker Bridge into Lake Austin

    The only thing that pisses me off is that the cheapskate didn't use a go-pro to film the jump first person.
  7. Sleek-Jet

    I found a photo

    When Kim lobs a couple of bombs this way, the only people driving around will be those that know how to make an old engine run with points or those with a mechanical diesel. "Man I'm glad I didn't do an LS swap on the Jimmy!"
  8. Sleek-Jet

    I found a photo

    I have one but haven't used it in years now...
  9. Sleek-Jet

    Unconventional Christmas classic movies

    We were talking about this last night... Gremlins.
  10. Sleek-Jet

    Darth Vader RIP

    Probably the best kind of celebrity, no one really knows what you look like. His character is a touchstone for generations. That is a fantastic legacy. God speed...
  11. Sleek-Jet

    RMR's: New day in Police optics

    Do they take down like a Glock, or do they still have a barrel bushing like the 1911? That bushing is the biggest PITA compared to a modern pistol design. I still remember the first time I took my 1911 down, and spent 30 minutes looking for the spring doohickie after it shot across the room.
  12. Sleek-Jet

    RMR's: New day in Police optics

    What makes the Staccato functionally different than a 1911?
  13. Sleek-Jet

    RMR's: New day in Police optics

    We'll, for the record, the glock I'm building has a milled slide... Still, for what I need a pistol for iron sites work just as well, but might as well embrace the current technology while I'm at it.
  14. Sleek-Jet

    Stuff you do that your wife hates?

    She hates that I consider Lethal Weapon a Christmas movie.
  15. Sleek-Jet

    Unconventional Christmas classic movies

    Lethal Weapon
  16. Sleek-Jet

    How many people at your Thanksgiving Dinner ?

    Just the wife and two daughters. Made enough food for about 3 times that many people.
  17. Sleek-Jet

    Vinegar Cake

    It is to sour the milk. Vinegar pies and cakes were used by poor people that couldn't afford things like buttermilk or fresh fruit juices. Most of the recipes trace their roots to the great depression. Not surprised at all that the warbride neighbor had one of those recipes, coming out of...
  18. Sleek-Jet

    The Fatman

    Lethal Weapon meets rudolph... Sounds like a fun movie.
  19. Sleek-Jet

    Stuff you do that your wife hates?

    I Wake up.
  20. Sleek-Jet

    RIP to one of the MOST influential people in my life

    A fitting and moving tribute... God speed to him and our deepest condolences to you.