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  1. 92 cole

    stainless bow rail

    stainless bow rail for 21ft sport cruiser like one in picture only not as tall. 150.00 picked up in lake elsinore ca
  2. 92 cole

    fuel tanks

    Nice pair of stainless tanks 11" x 49" with straps and fills 650.00 firm. Picked up in the 92530 area. SOLD!!!!
  3. 92 cole

    Veterans day flag

    Who all flew the american flag today in honor of our veterans? Also those in service today
  4. 92 cole

    [WTB] gears

    looking for a set of 10 degree 18% gears for a casale case?
  5. 92 cole

    [WTS] 1963 427 F.E. ford

    as stated number correct 8-v 427 + .040. engine is air cleaner to pan, w/p to flywheel, fuel pump and starter. To many it is a collectors item. Zero seconds since complete rebuild. 11500.00. Alert for more info. Engine has been SOLD
  6. 92 cole

    [SOLD] BMW

    Pristine 2004 320CI. This car drives incredible. runs flawless. NEW Brakes, tires and fresh service. gotta sell, bought another boat. 5500.00 P.M. or call Mark 951-674-3826
  7. 92 cole

    [WTS] 427 Ford

    427 Ford F.E. Number correct 1963 4v Zero minutes since complete rebuild. 10.2 compression hard seat pump friendly build 14500.00 P.M. for any questions
  8. 92 cole

    Eliminator cruiser on elsinore fathers day

    Was Anybody on this sight there sunday with my twin boat. WE waved and he ducked into the cove I was pulling skiers so couldn't pull in. It was a late 70's 20-21 river cruiser??????
  9. 92 cole

    R.C. boat

    3 ft dumas lap cat 7.5 kb engine everything included to run-radio-starter-glowplug chargers-fuel pump plus parts 350.00 obo
  10. 92 cole


    new in the box 5" tach white. new in the box 5" speedo with gps white. 400.00 for pair
  11. 92 cole

    bow rail for sale

    stainless bow rail for a 20-21 ft cruiser 250.00well the add on didn't work but lower price at 200.00 and will send a picture of bow rail cleaned up.
  12. 92 cole

    rice road

    does anybody feel safe on rice road anymore??? I'm heading to parker in the a.m and just going the 10 to poston road. I keep hearing about accident after accident and as I have family and grandkids following and riding I figure the extra 25 minutes It's safer and easier Than dodging idiots...
  13. 92 cole


    anybody have a map of the strip as far as shallow and safe water for a deep v cruiser. I am going in October and staying at the sand bar at red rock. I went to the strip for years (1960-1990) but have not been in awhile. I can read water but with the way that river flows sometimes it can be...
  14. 92 cole


    I received a nice photo of myself in a commercial vehicle compliments of Costa Mesa P.D. way the hell back in april 09. Due to our speedy trail system here in Calyfonia I went to my court appearance on March 3 2010. At which time this trucker hatter judge was amazed as I pleaded not guilty and...
  15. 92 cole

    BBC GEN V Heads

    See if anybody has a use for a stock gen 5 top end! Heads (peanuts) manifold (cast) and all related valve train parts. 100.00 obo. Also have factory marine cam and lifter set. 50.00. Must be local shits to heavy to ship. and the first one that says ship it to the recycler cause thats all its...
  16. 92 cole

    same soup-different bowl

    Ol Guy over on the dark side. 92 cole here. Permission to come aboard RD?