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  1. Rondog4405

    Sweet lil Blackstone deal at wallyworld

    If anyone is in the market for the 22" model..you cant beat this deal. $99.00 with cart and hood. BOom!
  2. Rondog4405

    Came across this guy today.. And no i didnt chop his head off..

    Had to get out of the house so we went done to a nature preserve in Pala.. Minimal people on the trails so it was a good day.. At the end of the last trail this dude was crossing the path. What a badass lookin rattler. Ive never seen the red diamonds before. Cool as hell and really chill...
  3. Rondog4405

    Free fights at the lower sandbar today..

    Well the sandbar was its usual cluster fuck today.. Assclowns were absolutely wrecked by noon. .. The sights were awesome..i tried to snap a few pics of the shitfaced boobies hanging out but the wife was all over me.. Then a few boats of dudes tossing beeds started fighting with guys in the...
  4. Rondog4405


    Anyone still rocking those rockford fosgate t1693's? Im swapping out my roached old 6x9's next week . Im just filling holes ..dont wanna change up much other than add a pair of 6's or something in the bow. JL's or RF's seem to be the go-to.. Those of you running 6x9's still..what do you have..?
  5. Rondog4405

    Took the cover off the smoker today

    Costco had st.louis on sale so wth.. Dust off the GMG. First cook since i changed out the auger months ago.. Coming along pretty nice.. Foiled now.. We'll see.. Next weekend doin jerky. :D
  6. Rondog4405

    New shocks already!

    Ive only had this rzr for just under 2 months and the ride on this thing has gone to shit! I know most guys swap out the springs right? I figured i would eventually need to have the shocks worked...but, not this soon! They were pretty decent first few rides..but the last 2-3 have gotten worse...
  7. Rondog4405

    The winning lottery ticket

    A buddy of mine just won $20k on a bingo scratcher. Hes not very well off and hit me up to see if i wanted to buy it for 10k . i was like hell yess im all ovet that! Just looked at what the state takes right off the top. 25%..which is $5000! Fucking nuts!. So i read the procedure is to get...
  8. Rondog4405

    32's or 30's for the rzr?

    What do you guys think. Xp4 turbo. I was looking at some 14" raceline mambas with 31" chicanes. Great prices on that combo. But, i see most are running tensor regulators. I know they are a heavier tire. The car will only see parker area trails. What say ye.. Go 30's or 32's? And rim size...
  9. Rondog4405

    Any sxs shops in havasu?

    The stock rzr cage has to go.. I know there are plenty of sxs shops out here in the I.E. The car is in parker and i really dont wanna drag it back this way and all that. Are there any shops in havasu that do cage work?
  10. Rondog4405

    Out for a weekend in parker ..and i bought a rzr.

    So im out in parker fartin around.. Passed by the yamaha dealer and said wth ..lets take a look at the sxs's. Well i ended buying a rzr. So what are a few of the upgrades i should do asap? Totally have no knowledge of these things ..as i was originally looking for a rhino:D.
  11. Rondog4405

    Canam 1000x

    Im my quest for a sxs that doesnt break the bank i ran across one of these. canam 1000x. Its a 2012 4 seater. Price seems pretty damm good for the year. What say ye.. Are these decent rides?
  12. Rondog4405

    So I started smoking again...

    Finally got the GMG rollin again! Popped the new auger in and threw in a few racks.. Been way too long!!!:D
  13. Rondog4405

    Sxs rental around parker..

    Inquiring for my sister. Hopefully my shitbox will be rolling by then:eek: so does.anyone know of anyone renting a sxs out for a day or 2 thanksgiving weekend?
  14. Rondog4405

    I need a utv mechanic

    Picking up a new complete axle.from summers bros tomorrow. Praying that fixes my clanking issue. So i think i also have sheave issues. Can anyone suggest a guy or shop around the inland empire area. Im in ontario. Or in the parker havasu area. I can tow it out if needed. Its gonna end up...
  15. Rondog4405

    More issues with this fn rhino..

    Realizing now that i shouldv just ponied up and boughy LOF's rhino! Well i just replaced a cv boot on the one i did buy and noticed the rear A-arm lower bolt (connects to the hub knuckle i believe it is) was loose . i tried tightening it..only to find out the bolt is broken. I checked the other...
  16. Rondog4405

    Whats your sxs audio setup?

    Are most of you bypassing a head unit? Will a few pods and a sub work for a decent system. Really just want to bluetooth music off my phone.. What is a clean simple setup for that. ?
  17. Rondog4405

    Big thanks to Riley1

    Loaned me his enclosed trailer to pick up my rhino ! Appreciate it big time ! Thank u sir!:D
  18. Rondog4405

    Clanking rhino rear axle

    So im in the market for a rhino.. Went and looked at one today. Mid travel suspension.. Gorilla axles etc. The seller told my it has a torn cv boot on the rear outer. So i go and run it and its clanking pretty bad. He says its bcus the boot has leaked out all the grease. Does that sound...
  19. Rondog4405

    Anyone wanna rent me a trailer..?

    Im looking at a rhino today and if all goea well ill probably pull the trigger on it. Its a mid travel. If anyone wants to make a few$$ and arent using it within the next few days . i just need to get it from san jacinto to my place in ontario. Then ill figure out how to get it out to parker...
  20. Rondog4405

    Mcgreggor ...manhandled!!

    Put in his place!!