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  1. beaverretriever

    Tuesday Laugh.

    Have a happy and blessed Tuesday. Don't let all this stuff going on get you down.
  2. beaverretriever

    Thanks Suckolak. Couldn't make a res for six.

    I called to make a late afternoon reservation for six at Tommy Bahama restaurant on Saturday as we like to go there after shopping etc. Well they said they can't do it because only four can be at a table at a time due to the new restrictions going in at midnight tonight. We would have probably...
  3. beaverretriever

    Mountain Bikes

    Sold my two race road bikes this week as I got a super sweet new one on the way. Been riding my steel fendered commuter. Love it as it's so comfy. It handles 650b off road tires and up to 42mm 700c gravel tires too! Did around 45miles and 3000 feet of climbing on it Saturday. Fun to drop...
  4. beaverretriever

    Years ago there was a video on YouTube

    Average income for someone who uses Youtube as a business and has 1million followers is $57,200.00 a year. Keep in mind, I just pulled that off of Google and who knows how else they make money by being on Youtube. Just an FYI.
  5. beaverretriever

    What many successful Cali residents are thinking

    Las Vegas and surrounding areas suck. Stay in Cali. I wouldn't want anyone to regret the cruddy move to Nevada. Super busy crowded bike ride the other day. I couldnt believe all the people on the trails. ;) More crap weather and horrible dry desert scenery we had to look at why we had...
  6. beaverretriever

    When will the swap meet on toys start?

    Nice move 2FF, I mean Cdog! ;) :D:p
  7. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    hahaha Love it! I'm not the sharpest tool... haha
  8. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    It's a cool chlorinator. It has little solar panels and glows at night!
  9. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    Yep and yep. They are loving all the work and will put you off; wait until the flattened curve of economy. They will be clamoring for business or out of business. Same old crap.
  10. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    hahahahahaha! OMG! I was fine as I have become so mellow. I just don't let anything bother me. I used to have a terrible temper and about stuff like that (well everything in general). However, I thought my wife was going to blow a gasket. She was so upset through the whole process.
  11. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    If you can find the time to do it, do it yourself. I think my wife and I would have saved no less than 15k to 20k and a bunch of heartache getting our own subs. Winter is the best time to get them as they are not as busy.
  12. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    The best part about the pool is I get to see my wife in the tiniest bikinis even more now! :eek::p
  13. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    32x9.5 by 4.5 feet on the deep end. :)
  14. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    Well it's been done for almost two months now and we really love it. I have got quite a few private messages asking questions about it when I posted it before it was done. Hopefully I'm some help. It's not the biggest or the best but it came out like we planned. Next is a new modern patio couch...
  15. beaverretriever

    Do you remember when changing peoples quotes was acceptable on RDP?

    Wait, is this really a thing? Meaning, can you get banned for changing a quote? :eek::oops::rolleyes: I have not been on here much lately and didn't hear about this.
  16. beaverretriever

    Anyone Interested in a Free Helicopter Ride and Day on Yacht?

    Anybody interested in a free ride in a helicopter for 4 people?! I'm still looking for 2 more people to join us. We leave early Saturday (October 31st) morning from Las Vegas and will fly to Newport Beach where we will have breakfast and then on a yacht for lunch. Then, we’ll take the yacht...
  17. beaverretriever

    Your First boat

    Hahaha! I kept trying to think of the brand. That is exactly what they are. What ever happened to them?
  18. beaverretriever

    Your First boat

    I'm so jealous as all you guys had such awesome first boats! Would love to have any of those bitchen rides. I think I'm the only one on here with a wake boat as my first boat. I bought it brand new in 2003 and we used the heck out of it. That thing spent a bunch of time at the sandbar. I wake...
  19. beaverretriever

    Well Crap

    Good luck. Sorry to hear you are going through some crap...literally. Keep us posted.