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  1. LHC Kirby

    Garage add on in havasu

    RV tall for my house built by Verde Home’s in 2002..... was 12 feet..... I have since learned that the typical RV is over that .... glad I have it for my boat... Bimini top stays up and it fits in the garage by 6” ... the real 6” not what you tell your wife is 6” 😳
  2. LHC Kirby

    Stuff your mom does that you love

    Raised 1 awesome child and my nine brothers and sisters. Truly the best mom in the world.... presently 87 years old... I hope she makes it to 90... like my dad did in July.. unfortunately passing two weeks later... he was a good man to know!
  3. LHC Kirby

    What are your Christmas hacks?

    Fake tree ☑ Drink in hand by 09:00 ☑ (Christmas day) (Can't drink all day unless you start in the morning)
  4. LHC Kirby

    Stuff you do that your wife hates?

    I feel so much better after reading all this... I thought hardly anyone else dealt with some of this. 😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪
  5. LHC Kirby

    Who's been drinking since noon???

    recipe please
  6. LHC Kirby

    Tire Cables for the snow

    DOUBLE CHECK the size and put them on the day you buy them to make sure they fit. NORMALLY NO RETURNS on chains. BUT I think if you are back in the store within an hour or so - you might be able to make it happen for an exchange.
  7. LHC Kirby

    Fire pit help

    👆👆👆 THIS 👆👆👆
  8. LHC Kirby

    Neighbors that make you smile

    Near College Street Brewery.... sssoooo north side
  9. LHC Kirby

    Neighbors that make you smile

  10. LHC Kirby

    Havasu Parade Of Lights Dec 5th?

    The story as I heard it..... the Yacht club either decided not to pursue it OR the city would not supply the permit because the Yacht Club could not come up with a plan for social distancing of the people on shore.... so - likely the truth is some where in there. Either way, others decided to...
  11. LHC Kirby

    Havasu Parade Of Lights Dec 5th?

    I’ll be boat number 5 .... as long as it’s not FREEZING, rain... too windy and of the 3. It could be too late to be officially involved. But hey it’s not like you all haven’t crashed a party! :p
  12. LHC Kirby

    A group of professionals...

    I always read that when I see it.... love it.... and some good advice too!
  13. LHC Kirby


    I fixed it for you
  14. LHC Kirby

    Contractors in Lake havasu..... (Call out thread)

    I have heard SSSOOOOO many stories about the flakes..... I have personally overheard in a bar a guy say. "I had two appointments to give bids this afternoon, I just don't want that much work" . . . :mad: On the other hand, I have recently got bids to get my house painted, and all 5 showed up...
  15. LHC Kirby

    Anodizing/powdercoating or buy all new parts?

    They have done 3 different projects for me... really really great finish. I would use them again in a heartbeat. On Kiowa mountain side of highway .... just before fire station.
  16. LHC Kirby

    Well this sucks...

    Keep up with vitamins and hydration
  17. LHC Kirby

    Desert Bar

    That looks super easy..... compared to the last time I went up... 2 years ago. It must be camera angle.
  18. LHC Kirby

    New pool build...

    Nice - looking really good.
  19. LHC Kirby

    Retirement, would love to hear from the guys that have pulled it off.

    4.5 years into retirement.... loving it.... my plan for first 3 years.... and first 5 years WENT OUT THE WINDOW.... First grandchild.... a granddaughter was born one year before retiring. Son and his wife work 9-5 M-F ... we got the chance to volunteer to watch her.. I don’t regret one...
  20. LHC Kirby

    HVAC referral

    I have used Cary for a new install of a mini split in the garage.... and a whole new HVAC in the house. All in the last 16 months. Would use him in a heartbeat.