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  1. rvrrat350

    She said YES!!!!

  2. rvrrat350

    UFC 249 tonight!!!

    Live event no spectators Good looking card minus Ronaldo Jacaré Souza who tested positive for covid 19!:oops:🙁
  3. rvrrat350

    1980's Bernie public access

    this is to funny!!! A must watch! LMFAO:D:D:D:D:D
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    too funny!! ;):rolleyes:o_O:D:p Popeye's did give her $10,000 gift card LoL :D
  5. rvrrat350

    Headless hula sighting

  6. rvrrat350

    stupid criminal!

    Of all the places you can pick to rob! :lmao:bash: http://www.foxla.com/news/local-news/277399050-story
  7. rvrrat350


    or drunk!!:drink or both https://youtu.be/qu3XxzR3OG8
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    Not a good day to be out on the water thats not gonna buff out :yikes glad to hear they all made it to shore! lucky to be alive http://ktla.com/2017/03/30/4-people-rescued-after-sailboat-capsizes-in-redondo-beach/
  9. rvrrat350

    pursuit now

    Ch 9 SFV
  10. rvrrat350

    Meanwhile in Germany

    :D https://youtu.be/b-WpfgBF1-U
  11. rvrrat350

    Card trick

    this takes some practice!!:thumbup: https://youtu.be/PJJap53K5IQ
  12. rvrrat350

    UFC tonight

    prelims on FS1 @5 main on PPV or magic box :D should be some good fights also UFC tomorrow night on FS1 (Ultimate fighter finale) and on Wednesday On FS1 Mir vs. Duffee then next Saturday again on FS1 Bisping vs. Leites UFC overload 4 fight cards in a week:yikes set you're DVR
  13. rvrrat350

    DCB fly by

    From the sandbar on Saturday!! https://youtu.be/bfw-weQ4Zig
  14. rvrrat350

    Prop help

    Anyone thats gonna be in havasu this weekend have a SS 28 4 blade for a bravo drive they would part with?
  15. rvrrat350

    My Damn Dam run video

    took me long enough but better late than never!! If you have been on the fence about doing this trip this should change that :thumbsup enjoy https://youtu.be/vhXmknRHnEU
  16. rvrrat350

    Short Dought vid

    Kinda depressing:(:yikes http://on.msnbc.com/1yB8NYb
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    Whos in? :boobeyes::D
  18. rvrrat350

    Head on collision

    :yikes :D
  19. rvrrat350

    Tornado at the Rose Bowl

    I couldnt help but laugh dumb lady chasing the E-Z UP LOL :D at least the cow is ok :yikes
  20. rvrrat350

    HS chase on KCAL

    Guys haulin ass running red light after red light!!:yikes