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  1. Cat Can Do

    Wtb bravo 1 27p prop

    I have two 28's (L-R), mine have exhaust holes tho. Outboards...
  2. Cat Can Do

    We have a winner!

    This is my exact thought every time I see a call out thread, I own a DCB so I'm guilty without even putting mine in the water...
  3. Cat Can Do

    Sand Sports Super Show 9-16 to 9-18

    Coming out Friday, think I'll hit the show on Saturday. Hope to find a good watering hole after.
  4. Cat Can Do

    AZ Dept of Public Safety Vehicles

    Seen some copper colored ones a few months ago.
  5. Cat Can Do

    Old pictures found.

    So the picture backup/ storage thread made me think of all the photos we lost while moving years ago, I mentioned it to the wife and she said she happen to come across a couple pictures in a photo album while at her parents house a few days before. Thought I'd share a couple, I'm no IT guy...
  6. Cat Can Do

    Where's the "Go To' place to buy a 2016 Polaris Ranger??

    Abernathy's hands down, but you've gotta get a few to justify the drive. Luckily last year I knew I was gonna be out in the area so I took the trailer with me and bought a few.
  7. Cat Can Do

    New ramp at Windsor is open.

    Curious if it's steeper than Pleasant?
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  9. Cat Can Do

    First Night in Havasu!!!!!

  10. Cat Can Do

    2008 53' 4 car slant

    Well I can you he did a really well thought out build, very detailed. My buddy bought it for his wife from a guy outta Vegas last season.
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    Like everyone else I have to agree, twice Ive gone back to read one of his posts and they were gone. Need to screen shot him.
  12. Cat Can Do

    2008 53' 4 car slant

    I put this up on Craigslist but thought I'd also post it on the two forums I frequent, anyways the guy I bought it from and myself used it for hauling sandrails. Triple 5500# axles with brakes on all, I have it on Craigslist for $8k but the RDP price is $7k and I'll install brand new tires at...
  13. Cat Can Do

    What's your "perfect boat"

    Yea, Apache is a "Tucson lake". If you're really gonna bring yours out I'd advise going the long way around and come in from the Roosevelt Lake side, I come in that way and drop at 3 mile island. That way I only have two miles of dirt road and I can handle that. The "Fish Creek" way is great...
  14. Cat Can Do

    What's your "perfect boat"

    I bought a DCB Mach22 W/ a 300x in March of last year, thought it'd be enough boat for the smaller lake we go to. Well the wife didn't like it, she didn't like sitting down so close to the water, at 65mph she said it felt like 200. So I stepped up a couple months later to a DCB mach26 W/ twin...
  15. Cat Can Do

    Loto Shootout Live Feed Link

    That 36 was moving!
  16. Cat Can Do

    21 River Cruiser For Sale

    What am I gonna lean against while I'm at your place drinking all your beer now?
  17. Cat Can Do

    "Millennials are tapping home equity for vacations and emergency cash" WTF

    My good buddy and I were just talking about this the other day, I was saying remember how we were giving everyone such a hard time for being what I called "HELOC Ballers"? Pulling all the money outta their homes and buying toys, well in the end these people lost their homes but ended up having a...
  18. Cat Can Do

    Can-am Maverick X3

    And $20k at Abernathy's...
  19. Cat Can Do

    Daydream about this setup

    Dan has all the toys, and chicks...