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  1. Riverhound

    Cole 250s winter upgrades and repairs

    It's time for the old Cole to get a little needed winter time love an I'm getting the list together of repairs and upgrades. Gelcoat - the keel and few other small spots are in need of some repair. Floor - have a couple of soft spots in the floor around the ski locker and looking to replace...
  2. Riverhound

    New pool build - HELP!

    Need some help from the RPD brain trust... We've had 3 pools in the past but it's been about 13yrs since our last build and oh how things seem to have changed... Couple questions for folks in the know... Equipment - Hayward vs Pentair, depending on who you talk with one is better than the...
  3. Riverhound

    Early Bronco Engine Build - Quarantine Style

    We're bringing back shop class with a side of math, chemistry and a little P.E.... Our 69 Bronco is moving along in the rebuild process and like everything in my life I decided it needed more power so off to Larry's Engine and Marine we go to discuss a new, better mojammer! Larry and I agree on...
  4. Riverhound

    Whips, Chains, Ropes & Anchors!

    Jumped back into the boat game after taking a few years off and need to get back up to speed on the rope & anchor game. My last three boats were all equipped with Top Knot ropes, a Box Anchor, and a Sand Spike. Anything new and exciting out there I should be looking at or is it the same old...
  5. Riverhound

    Vintage V-Drive Parts

    Vintage V- Drive Parts For sale All these parts came out of or were bought for my dad?s old circle boat a 1964 Kindsvater Flat called ?Tireless Tiger?. Boat won a few races in its day but has long since been put out to pasture and this is all that remains of the usable parts. Getting ready...