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  1. Rondog4405

    Anyone else have to deal with...

    Wish my cats were as cool as that.. mine are just mean assholes...
  2. Rondog4405

    Outlaw Nationals second run

    I was out there watchin.. badasss!!!!!
  3. Rondog4405

    The Undoing...

  4. Rondog4405

    Bluewater Casino - Current Covid Status

    We ate at the grill on friday night.. not the best meal we've had from.bluewater.. glad they are back open though.. the marina and ramp still being closed is fn stupid ....
  5. Rondog4405

    Battery operated weedwhacker?

    Ryobi 40v .. damm thing will chop down a small tree if I asked it to! 🤣
  6. Rondog4405

    RDP Braintrust. What Would You Do? Sell, Buy, Rent? 2021 prediction?

    Not only are the freeways horrible once you pass temescal canyon rd heading west daily.. you have to factor in the mess you have to sit in just to get to the 15 fwy on railroad canyon rd. Easy half hour on and off the freeway coming and going to canyon lake. It's under construction now ...not...
  7. Rondog4405

    Blackstone Favorites

    Edit.. todd toven. Fn auto correct
  8. Rondog4405

    Tyson fight

    Absolutely nothing
  9. Rondog4405

    Tyson fight

    Poor fucks that actually paid $50 for that! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. Rondog4405

    Tyson fight

    Tyson still has some great snap to his punches..but fuck ..he needs some glasses ..missing jones by 2-3 feet every punch..jeez
  11. Rondog4405

    New LA County Restrictions

    Great info👍😉🤣
  12. Rondog4405

    Shooting in parker?

    Could be total false info...but my neighbor here in parker said it was BLM shooting at cars...not the land management bureau. Supposedly another dude on my block was driving one of the cars shot at. Who knows though..
  13. Rondog4405

    Stuff you do that your wife hates?

    These days.. pretty much everything I do irritates the fuck outta her... I just keep drinking away the day.. 🍻
  14. Rondog4405

    Who's been drinking since noon???

    I'm really digging that bulleit. I can shoot the shit outta it and no hangover..
  15. Rondog4405

    How many people at your Thanksgiving Dinner ?

    A 100.. fuck whoever has a problem with it
  16. Rondog4405

    What do you cook on your Blackstone

    I cook everything in the bacon grease!😉
  17. Rondog4405

    Blackstone griddles

    Nice!! But you really dont need the basting dome when you have the hood .. just sayin.😉
  18. Rondog4405

    Possible Parker Strip Incident?

    Holy crap..just saw it too. Doesn't look good at all. Prayers go out
  19. Rondog4405

    Who's getting hammered tonight?

    Cant help but get shitty to that movie!
  20. Rondog4405

    Who's getting hammered tonight?

    Depends on the quality of course😉