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  1. Sharpy

    Whats a Wraith?

    From the documentary, that place looked super fun and dangerous at the same time. That owner truly didn’t GAF and do whatever the F you want was the was the vibe.
  2. Sharpy

    CA DMV Sux?

    Doesn’t anyone use the My DMV portal? I haven’t had any trouble or delays with it. Just received my reg and tags a week after I payed.
  3. Sharpy

    OC Sewer Line Boring Company?

    I'd think boring under a pool would scare just about every driller around. I’d look into Hammer’s idea. You may even be able to have someone fab up a splitter with a Chinese finger Behind it and pull in the new pipe with a backhoe?
  4. Sharpy

    Netflix " The Social Dilemma"

    I watched it last week, very eye opening!
  5. Sharpy

    uber/lyft---are they operating?

    They’re running. But since we’re on the subject, can anyone explain why Uber keeps trying to extort me/us for more money recently?? The last several times I’ve tried using the service, I confirm and can see cars on the map, but Uber keeps cycling “looking for drivers”. Then a popup comes asking...
  6. Sharpy

    Tim Allen stand-up

    I have that one and “Men Are Pigs” on VHS, I’ve been wanting to digitize them for years.
  7. Sharpy

    Passport Renewal

    I’m with most of the others here, mailed check and docs in late March. Check cleared 3 days later then nothing. I called in early July and the gal said they were running at 20% staff due to Covid, but starting to staff back up. I didn’t need mine for any reason but wondered if it was stolen or...
  8. Sharpy

    Pedo/Whore 2020 1st Presser

    Feelsup/Heelsup 2020! 🤣🤣 Best slogan I’ve heard yet!
  9. Sharpy

    Fukin Flies

    I’ve never spray my dogs directly so I couldn’t answer that but I know it’s good for horses. I do spray the entire yard, plants, grass, walls, house, patio furniture... everything the first time of the Summer, then just the house and patio stuff after. It dries almost immediately and my dogs...
  10. Sharpy

    Fukin Flies

    I’ve used this for years, spray about once a month through Summer. https://www.bayerlivestock.com/static/media/images/Livestock/Products/Tempo-SC-Ultra-Spray-Detail-Page.jpg
  11. Sharpy

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    What a fun run as always. Riverryder, I think you may have misheard something, all I saw were members going down the line dislodging each other, since nobody seemed to be watching the water flow! 🤣🤣 As for the basin, like everyone else who’s run this, I told my crew to finish up the drinks and...
  12. Sharpy

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    That’s a great shot!
  13. Sharpy

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    You’re welcome to join us.
  14. Sharpy

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    We’re at the Riverside for the night, launching at KL in the morning.
  15. Sharpy

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    I’m at my parents waiting for my River Slut to get off work and we’re on our way too.
  16. Sharpy


    He closed up shop and moved to Vegas a couple years ago.
  17. Sharpy

    Damn Dam Run “Meet and Greet and BBQ”

    Sharpy, party of 4 adults for both nights. We’ll be chipping in for the food bill also.
  18. Sharpy

    Tahoe to Mohave what a difference 10 hours makes

    I think the difference is the mile of elevation change! 😁
  19. Sharpy

    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Hahaha, I remember that! I asked Carl if we should stop and tow him back.... Carl says Tom's good, trust me! 😂