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  1. El Chingon

    [WTB] Son's 1st car

    Looking to see if anyone was looking at unloading their old used car. Actively shopping for a deal for my son's 1st ride. Mid size or small car. Looking to see what the RDP peeps may have? Nothing posted that I'm interested in classifieds now. PM me what your asking? Not an open Checkbook...
  2. El Chingon

    What time does RD wake up?

    Just stopped by the storefront to pick up a new hat. It's Closed!
  3. El Chingon

    So-Cal Speed and Marine Shout Out!

    Thursday afternoon I had an alarm go off on my 496HO as I was launching at Cattail. Fluids levels and gauges were all looking good.Alarm would not clear. We pulled the boat out of the water and I called my boat mechanic with no answer.Drove to his shop and no one was there.I had been driving by...
  4. El Chingon

    (WTB)Used 22'-23' Placecraft/Shockwave/Dom8er Deck Boat

    Posting for a friend. Looking to see if anyone is looking at selling this offseason? My buddy is looking for a used 2003 and up 22'-23' Placecraft/Shockwave/Domn8er Deckboat. Inboard/Outboard only. He is a newbie here on the boards(bob-o) and was afraid of getting lit up by the inmates.I told...