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  1. beaverretriever

    Tuesday Laugh.

    Have a happy and blessed Tuesday. Don't let all this stuff going on get you down.
  2. beaverretriever

    Thanks Suckolak. Couldn't make a res for six.

    I called to make a late afternoon reservation for six at Tommy Bahama restaurant on Saturday as we like to go there after shopping etc. Well they said they can't do it because only four can be at a table at a time due to the new restrictions going in at midnight tonight. We would have probably...
  3. beaverretriever

    Yeah, another pool thread. Final Photos.

    Well it's been done for almost two months now and we really love it. I have got quite a few private messages asking questions about it when I posted it before it was done. Hopefully I'm some help. It's not the biggest or the best but it came out like we planned. Next is a new modern patio couch...
  4. beaverretriever

    Anyone Interested in a Free Helicopter Ride and Day on Yacht?

    Anybody interested in a free ride in a helicopter for 4 people?! I'm still looking for 2 more people to join us. We leave early Saturday (October 31st) morning from Las Vegas and will fly to Newport Beach where we will have breakfast and then on a yacht for lunch. Then, we’ll take the yacht...
  5. beaverretriever

    Anyone Purchased the RTR 100mph 41" Zonda RC Boat?

    I would love to have one of these. Great reviews and people say they are quite the deal for the speed it goes. Does anyone have one...
  6. beaverretriever

    Got to Love Boulder City. Kids Left in Hot Car Signs.

    Got to love vintage feel of Boulder City. Was at the post office on Saturday and I always get a little laugh at these signs in the parking lot. Well this kid doesn't look to be suffering at all; infact he looks like he is having a great time and it's the sun that is more than unhappy. Haha...
  7. beaverretriever

    Takes Licking Keeps on Ticking. Our Poor Kitty.

    Many of you probably remember our little kitty who had cancer and we had to remove her front leg after numerous surgeries. Well she has been doing great with three legs for the past almost two years. Running and playing just like she had all four. Well more cancer again and we had a cyst removed...
  8. beaverretriever

    Please go and support this young conservative man that lives in a world of lib hatred. Follow him on Instagram.

    Please support this kid as he is one of the few conservative pro cyclist I know. Prodigy who won the junior world road cycling championships last year. I'll tell you one thing, I was seriously considering a new Trek SL7 (8,000.00 bike) but not anymore. F you Trek! @skin.quimmons on IG...
  9. beaverretriever

    Insane Video of 2920hp and over 4000ft lbs of Torque Diesel Truck Blowing up on Dyno.

    Pretty scary when it finally detonates albeit pretty fun to see! I have seen this truck online before and it's just incredible. I had friend that ran some of their stuff on his older Dodge. He made about 1300Ft Lbs and like 900hp reliably; which just doesn't seem possible, but he used it...
  10. beaverretriever

    3 Mid Century Modern Pendant Lights NIB.

    Everyone on here always seems to be renovating so I thought bid throw these up here. Brand new in box. Retail for 110 each. 8" H x 14" W. 220.00 for all three. I'm located in Lake Las Vegas (Henderson)
  11. beaverretriever

    Shot of Our New Pool.

    Almost done. Still some lighting and tile that needs to be done on the dry deck steps. A few pavers that need replacing. Unfortunately the photo doesnt do it justice and it's everything we dreamed it would be but a long ass process for sure. The builder does an ok job but if I didn't supervise...
  12. beaverretriever

    Not Really Political. Couple Quick Stories About my Wife and Cuban Friend. Definitely Read if you are Interested in Voting Democrat.

    I know a lot of people on RDP are familiar with my wife's story, but I am sure there are a few that are not and with elections coming up I thought this would be a good time to share again. I have two quick stories of people who escaped communist countries and made a life here in the good ol US...
  13. beaverretriever

    Life Got Ya Down? Here is a Great Movie For You; Greater

    Watched this a few months ago. Quite the tear jerker but it also makes you feel you can do anything in life if you put your heart and mind to it. I'm not a football guy but I like sports movies. Now on Netflix. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt2950418/
  14. beaverretriever

    Ineos Grenadier 4X4

    One of my favorite cycling teams is sponsored by this company so I looked them up. Seems to me they are sort of like 3M but are building this truck as well! Pretty bitchen vehicle and says they will be available in the US. https://ineosgrenadier.com/...
  15. beaverretriever

    Got to Love Boulder City.

    The big horns usually hang at the park off the main highway (95) but today they were deep into the neighborhoods. We went to see my a parents today and these guys were all over the place. Have a blessed Labor Day.
  16. beaverretriever

    Happy Friday. Dealing With Kids Playing in Your Driveway. This Video Made My Day. Some People are Just too Cool!

    Little kid got good. Cutting the apex and smoothing out his line! Enjoy and happy Friday. Keep in mind, not everyone on this planet is a complete asshole 🤣
  17. beaverretriever

    Hey LAM! Our Newest Home Improvement. Panoramic Doors Istalled.

    We wanted that true "bring the outside in" feel to our new home. I hosted an installation clinic for a bunch of local builders and contractors at our home so they could learn the ins and outs of the doors. We are just over the moon; we have never done a home upgrade that was just so dramatic and...
  18. beaverretriever

    Less Expensive Ledge Lounger Options?

    Our new pool is almost finished and we have a nice wet deck that has about 9" of water on it. We want to get a set of Ledge Lounger style chairs, but damn I am struggling to put out 1300.00 for set of these stupid plastic chairs. Anything thing out there similar for less money? 659.00 Each...
  19. beaverretriever

    The Last Narc on Amazon. The Truth is Really Stranger (and more terrifying) than Fiction.

    Watched all four episodes last night. WTF? Hector Berrellez seems like a bad mofo. Amazing hd has not been taken out by Hillary yet. hahaha. Félix Rodríguez who they introduce in the fourth episode is one shady mother F-R!!!!!!:eek::oops::rolleyes:
  20. beaverretriever

    Weekend in Havasu Without a Boat?

    So our pool is not done yet, my wife hurt her shoulder so paddle boarding in our lake is not happening, and most of the adult Vegas pools are still not open or have insane 500.00 day bed charges just to walk in the gate. Any cool places with pools or whatever in Havasu or surrounding areas where...