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    Is this a Brown Recluse Spider?

    Looks more like a Huntsman spider. http://www.tsusinvasives.org/home/database/heteropoda-venatoria
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    Whole house fan..

    What brand and who did the install, trying to convince my wife this is a good idea for us.
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    Irvine food during lockdown?

    Javiers in newport coast is good and not to far of drive. Il fornio by John wayne not bad either.
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    Chopper Crash At The Landing?

    Photo added: That guy was buzzing parker Sat/Sun. My son has some photos I see if I can get a couple to share on here.
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    North San Diego County Restaurants

    Thank you for all the input, making plans now...
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    North San Diego County Restaurants

    The wife and I taking a little day trip down to North San Diego County on Monday for our 19th Anniversary. Looking for recommendations on something for late afternoon/early dinner on the beach or overlooking the beach? Anyone have any recommendations, Wife prefers steak type places, so that...
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    Shot of Our New Pool.

    I know this always the question no one wants to share in public, ballpark how much did does something like that cost? We have limited space in our backyard and something like this would be awesome. If you don't want to share in the forum I completely understand, maybe PM me?
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Career Paths...

    I have always been a believer that hard work and common sense will enable you to provide for yourself and your family. I have a BS is telecommunications management (IT) and have been very successful with it. Now do I love what I do, not really, but the flexibility and ability to spend time...
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    Pellet Grills

    Some People like him some don't, but his shows on PBS were pretty cool to learn some stuff from. https://www.pbs.org/show/bbq-franklin/
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    Caption this! This is in front of the wifes work

    They need to work on their packing skills, gotta protect all their "valuables".
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    So, the wife is going to set up Home Schooling. F distance learning. Anyone else?

    My kids school is making the teachers teach from their classrooms so it appears more realistic or some horseshit like that. The catch is they are allowing the teachers children to be in the classroom to do their learning as long as they do not interrupt. Here is what really pisses me off, I...
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    Havasu MVD

    try authorized 3rd party locations? Not sure any are close to Havazoo, but we used one in Suprise for my son to circumvent the California DMV shut down so he could get an Arizona DL to get him on the road...Took 2 hours for tests and wait time. Maybe and option...
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    Stupid Southern CA Edison!!/ Solar Panels

    Andy and his team were awesome, I honestly cant remember where we were monthly prior to switching but it will have paid for itself within 7-8 years. As we discussed when we went through the process, once your hooked you keep using more and more energy, and it is true. year 1 we were gun shy...
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    Please pass along this info or where to find out what is needed. If I could get this resolved I would be stoked to say the least.
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    Agree, ours is 3 years old and the ice maker will be the undoing of me. I f'n hate the damn thing, but as they say "happy wife, happy life..." Kenmore/Whirpool seem to be the best unless you go with High end like mentioned above.
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    Fireworks at Road Runner?

    Can anyone confirm whether or not there will be fireworks at Road Runner? Lots of speculation online, just don't know who to believe....
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    Phoenix Area Rentals for Fathers Day weekend...

    My sons (17/18U) baseball team has decided to play in a tournament that weekend in and around Suprise, anyone have any recommendations on houses with pools that people rent in that area? I am looking on all the vacation house rental sites and have not had a ton of luck so far, I know its pretty...
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    LAPD defunding

    Serious question, as I have no one in my family that is in Law enforcement. How does ones patrol area get determined? In my mind if I was a cop and this cut was not already coming and it effected my safety on the street, meaning less back up, less equipment, etc etc. Could you in theory...