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  1. boatpi

    Can a HELLCAT do a burnout?

    I love the John Force style at 14 seconds
  2. boatpi

    A young John Force, classic crash and IV

  3. boatpi

    LA County shutting down ALL dining at restaurants Wednesday for 3 weeks

  4. boatpi

    Ron Capps 2020 NHRA body burned

  5. boatpi

    Big trump news conference on now live rumble.com

    Lawyers are talking looks strong election was stolen using dominion software flipping votes z. Seems very credible, they have snitches.
  6. boatpi

    Rumor has it , this is it, 2021 Jeep Wangler 392 HEMI 6.2L

  7. boatpi

    What many successful Cali residents are thinking

    We attended a car club event last night, everyone is very successful, open minded individuals. . A good time for all. RD, this is factual not meant to be political. FYI for all, what seven figure people think; Many different topics were casually discussed. By far the number one topic was the...
  8. boatpi

    New Jeep to be introduced 11-17-20

  9. boatpi

    Taking bets on how long Biden will last until he gets the hook

    I give him about 16 months, he’s going be tapped on the shoulder he’s not feeling very good and have to bow out. I figure as the plan goes they’ll probably get Pelosi replaced right around that time, and that person of course will become vice president. that ditzy Harris becomes president...
  10. boatpi

    Big Bear webcams

  11. boatpi

    Ordering begins tomorrow,,HellllllllllllCat Durango

  12. boatpi

    Fox News TV Live, free election coverage

  13. boatpi

    NHRA how bad can it get

    Just 14 TF cars showed up.https://www.nhra.com/results/2020/nhra-camping-world-drag-racing-series/31166/ladders
  14. boatpi

    RAM TRX vs. Raptor

  15. boatpi

    Say What! I am running against George Bush

  16. boatpi

    Looks like some boat thieves to me

  17. boatpi

    Havasu Hydro Fest photos-1990’s???

    I’m sure someone will recognize himself in a few of these photos I just dug them out the other day. Enjoy, back in the day we’re going to Havasu was fun 24/7!
  18. boatpi

    Eric Lane Cruz' crew chief killed RIP

  19. boatpi

    Another BIG reason NOT to watch NFL on TV