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  1. OCphotographics

    2017 Parker Enduro P H O T O S

    Here are a coupe photos from the Enduro. Still sorting through the 2,500 plus photos. Should have a couple shots of every boat that started. More to come. As always let me know if there is a shot you are looking for. Hope to have my full gallery up in the next day or two. Enjoy
  2. OCphotographics

    2017 Havasu Springs Ski Race P H O T O S

    Our plan was to leave CA at 3:30am Saturday morning and be in Havasu for the first race, but maybe (someone) had one too many on Friday night, and didn?t get on the road until 8am, so we missed the first Mini Marathon which I heard was the roughest of the weekend. The wind blew both days, and...
  3. OCphotographics

    2017 Lake Elsinore Diamond Classic P H O T O S

    Great racing this past weekend at the 2017 Lake Elsinore Diamond Classic with plenty of action. Here are a few photos to get things started, and as always if you are looking for anything or anyone special let me know and I will do my best to get it up here. I have well over 1000 photos so I am...
  4. OCphotographics

    Thanksgiving Regatta Photos

    Woke up at 3am Friday morning, still full from Thanksgiving dinner, and made my way to meet up with Scott and head out to Parker for the Thanksgiving Regatta. We knew going into it, we would be driving up and back the same day, but wanted to get to Parker for at least one day to check out the...
  5. OCphotographics

    2016 Parker Enduro 300 P H O T O S

    Another great race goes down in the books. Here are my photos of the 2016 Blue Water 300 Parker Enduro. I will be adding to this thread the next day or two, so if there are any boats you are looking for let me know and I will do my best to get them posted here. Thanks
  6. OCphotographics

    2015 Parker Enduro P H O T O S

    I want to start off by giving a big congrats to Dave and the Enduro Team for putting on a great event and weekend. The skiing and K-boats were a great add to the event and hope to see them all back again next year. I will be posting my photos from the weekend here, and pretty sure I have at...
  7. OCphotographics

    Photo Shoot Cars and Girls

    Just thought I would throw this out here and see if anybody in the Orange County Los Angeles area would be interested. We are having a photo shoot at our studio Nov. 1st and already have 10 models lined up and 2 cars so far. We are looking for at least two more cars, looking for sports cars or...
  8. OCphotographics

    Sean - Hotwater Photo Book

    As many of you know, our friend and race family member Sean Naffziger is currently battling cancer. Sean was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer two years ago and has been fighting hard every step of the way. There has been a huge outpouring of support, prayers and well wishes in an effort...
  9. OCphotographics

    2015 Havasu Drag Boat Races

    A few photos from the Lucas Oil Drag races at Lake Havasu. Only Friday and Saturday photos due to wind on Sunday. Enjoy.
  10. OCphotographics

    2015 Bayfair P H O T O S - Ocphoto

    Headed to Bayfair Saturday and Sunday, and wanted to get some photos from the weekend. Will post more here later, but here are a few to get things started. Enjoy!
  11. OCphotographics

    Marine Stadium Sprint Boat Nationals - P H O T O S

    Had a great weekend at the races this past weekend, and took a ton of photos. I had planned on posting them at the end of each race day, but unfortunately the shit hole of a hotel we stayed had Wifi that didn't work at all. ON a side note AVOID the Seaport Hotel at all costs, not sure how some...
  12. OCphotographics

    Elsinore Ski Race Photos

    Just a few photos from last weeks ski races in Lake Elsinore. I shot over 800 photos, and hope to post more in the next few days. If there is anybody you are looking for let me know and I will try to get them posted.
  13. OCphotographics

    PHOTOS from Billy B's Hot Boat and Car Show

    We made an up (with a huge detour) and back trip for the show, and were only there Saturday, but wish we could have been there longer. I will be posting my photos from Saturday here, I tried to get all boats that ran, but sure I missed a few. If there are any you are looking for let me know and...
  14. OCphotographics

    P H O T O S - 2014 PARKER ENDURO 336

    I wanted to get a thread started for the photos from the weekend, so here it is. This will be where I put all the photos I post, but for now here are few to get started. Was glad to be a part of the Enduro again this year, and as always had a great time Huge congrats to Team Nordic on their...
  15. OCphotographics

    2014 Sprint Boat National PHOTOS

  16. OCphotographics

    2014 Sprint Boat National PHOTOS

    Despite the shitty dark and humid weather it was still a great weekend of racing. Had a great time shooting the race as well as meeting up with people I haven't seen in a while. Think I took more shots this weekend than I have at any other event, so if there as anybody or boat you are looking...
  17. OCphotographics

    2014 Catalina - PHOTOS

    With the 2014 Catalina Ski Race just a little over a week away I wanted to post a few photos from years past to get this thread started. I will be posting more form this year's race here as well. I will be on the Start Boat or the Media boat, so will be trying to get pics of all racers at start...
  18. OCphotographics

    Parker Water Ski Racing P H O T O S

    Its finally here, the 2014 Ski Race season, and last weekend was the season opener at Parker. I Always look forward to this event and getting to see friends I havent seen since the US Open or even longer. The racing was great and went of without any issues and the even the wind couldn't ruin the...
  19. OCphotographics

    Bushmaster AR15 sale

    Thought I would throw this up for anybody OUTSIDE of Cali. looking for a Bushmaster AR15 Sucks I can't get in on it. http://slickdeals.net/f/6539790-gun-deal-bushmaster-c-15-223-556-16-inch-ar-red-dot-sight-30rd-mag-570-6-shipping-from-grabagun
  20. OCphotographics

    2013 Bluewater 336 Enduro P H O T O S

    I am finally getting the photos narrowed down and in groups by boat #, but wanted to get a few posted tonight while I keep working on getting them all ready for posting, so here are a few to get started. It was a great race and great getting to talk to everybody at race and the awards ceremony...