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  1. Cat Can Do

    Old pictures found.

    So the picture backup/ storage thread made me think of all the photos we lost while moving years ago, I mentioned it to the wife and she said she happen to come across a couple pictures in a photo album while at her parents house a few days before. Thought I'd share a couple, I'm no IT guy...
  2. Cat Can Do

    2008 53' 4 car slant

    I put this up on Craigslist but thought I'd also post it on the two forums I frequent, anyways the guy I bought it from and myself used it for hauling sandrails. Triple 5500# axles with brakes on all, I have it on Craigslist for $8k but the RDP price is $7k and I'll install brand new tires at...
  3. Cat Can Do

    Spider bite gone bad. Semi graphic photos

    So about three days ago I had what I thought was a pimple or ingrown hair above my left knee, so as a man you scratch that crap off and go on. So over the next couple days go by it got a lil red and sore, so I do what a man does and rub some spit on it and continue on. Well last night it...
  4. Cat Can Do

    2008 BMW X5 4.8i

    Selling one of my personal sleds. 92k miles, loaded. Has M Series 20" wheels, 275/40 front 315/35 rear. Pano roof Im at the havasu house every couple weeks if you wanna see it in person, if interested let me know and I'll send complete options list and more pics, I'm a dealer but this is my...
  5. Cat Can Do

    Everyone is buying the wives new rides, guess I'll post mine.

    My wife has been driving X5's for the last 12 years, every two years she gets a new one. I've been trying to do everything I could to get her to try something different. So I said to her "if you weren't such a snob I'd build you a really cool Jeep", after the initial shock of me calling her a...
  6. Cat Can Do

    Any commercial RE agents on here? Ontario CA area.

    I'm looking for a warehouse space to rent, nothing crazy. 900-1500sqft would do fine, small office is a bonus but not an absolute must. 10' min overhead door, or a dock space is also acceptable. I've called/ emailed on multiple places and have not received one response. Thanks in advance for...
  7. Cat Can Do

    Good morning from Apache Lake

    Thought I'd get in a trip to Apache before bringing the new boat back to Havasu for the summer.
  8. Cat Can Do

    2016 Polaris RZR Turbo

  9. Cat Can Do

    Looking to buy.

    The wife and I have been discussing getting a place in Havasu, we'd like to be on the water or as close as possible. I'm assuming it'll be a mobile in one of the parks, I'd like to hear what everyone's thoughts are on where to look and where to stay away from. We're going to be staying at...
  10. Cat Can Do

    Cali Delta questions

    New guy here so sorry if this is in the wrong area. The wife has a 10day vacation coming up from work and we thought about hooking up to the boat and going somewhere new (to us), after seeing the pics of the Big Cat Poker Run I really wanna check that place out. Anyone with some inside...
  11. Cat Can Do

    Trading up, new (used) DCB

    As per title, the wife and I did a slight trade up last weekend and couldn't be happier. Want to thank Rick @ Maxed out marine for what we feel was a great deal. It's quite the step up for us and my wallet hopes its the last for at least a few years... On paper moving up from a Mach 22 to a Mach...
  12. Cat Can Do

    Newbie questions, desert storm

    Hey guys (and gals), hope this is the right place to post this, if not please erase. I pulled the trigger and booked a room for desert storm, having never been to havasu I decided on havasu springs. My thought was the water would be a lil nicer and one day we can unload at the river and...