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    Tyson / Holyfield 3?

    I completely agree with that. I don’t think there has ever been anybody at anytime in history that was as good as Tyson, when Tyson was in his prime.
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    Tyson / Holyfield 3?

    George Forman did pretty damn good when he came back. Especially considering how out of shape he was.
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    Looks like my dad might have the covid.

    If you’re past the age of 40 then you know life is way too short. Get him on Hydroxychloroquine and put the past in the past. Like my woman always says you can’t choose your family.
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    Anybody know what happened to AZGEO ? Sure could use some advise from him.
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    White Priveleged

    Step back and look at the big picture. All the labels and outrage are designed to keep the population distracted and divided.
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    DCB M31 Removable Bow rider

    Thanks for the response. Boat looks great! Better than I thought it would.
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    DCB M31 Removable Bow rider

    Where are the photos of the deck in place ?
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    Machine shop temecula/Elsinore area?

    2nd that for sure! Keith @Rancho Performance Machine in Temecula.
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    Cole 25 and 28 molds for sale?

    May want to read the last paragraph.
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    Looks like that POS Alkydigger pump
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    Cole 20SS

    Does anybody have any magazine articles with specs and performance results for the Cole 20? Can be V-drive, Jet, outboard or I/O. Thanks !
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    1996 HALLETT 210 454 MAG MPI BRAVO 25,500

    Got a message from the owner today and he said the boat is sold.
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    New boat 22 Vaughn

    Have you done any V-drive mods on the Cole 20SS and Superhawk/Nighthawk? Are the measurement the same for the Cole's as listed above?
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    1996 Cole 22ft Superhawk rebuild!

    How did the rest of the build go?
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    Thanks for the response. I’m actually not familiar with Stan Moscow (crusader boats). Do you...

    Thanks for the response. I’m actually not familiar with Stan Moscow (crusader boats). Do you have any contact info for him and location? Thanks!
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    Cole Boats, Nighthawk vs Superhawk??

    Does anybody know who actually has the the 20.5 & 22’ molds ?