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  1. Chipster27

    Commercial lease experts

    I'm part of a non-profit and the lease on our building is up for renewal. As an owner of residential income properties I've got a decent handle on residential leases but don't have a lot of experience with commercial leases. Is there anyone on here that could spend an hour or so to review our...
  2. Chipster27

    Can this tire be plugged

    At the rate I’m going through tires, I’ll never re”tire”. [emoji1][emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Chipster27

    Can this tire be plugged

    It's not German, Lexus RC350...The 3IS RC-F,GS-F, RC350 and 4GS share the same stubborn suspension when it comes to adjustment, there is none. Thanks for the feedback, looks like were going to bite the bullet and buy a new set of rears. BTW, they are Bridgestone Potenza at $350/tire (by the...
  4. Chipster27

    Can this tire be plugged

    That car is designed to run negative camber on the rears. Can’t fix it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Chipster27

    Can this tire be plugged

    Like you can’t believe...two new tears on my car in December, two new fronts on my car last week, cut sidewall on the toyhauler yesterday and this today. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Chipster27

    Can this tire be plugged

    I’m no tire expert, but in my humble opinion this looks like it can be plugged from the inside out. They are not Z rated and they are not run flats. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Chipster27

    Comment by 'Chipster27' in article 'Happy Birthday Justin aka BeerMaker'

    Happy Birthday Justin. Great contribution Dave!
  8. Chipster27

    T-shirt guy for car show

    Both if possible. Simple 2-3 color graphics, maybe a car/truck and a motorcycle with some text.
  9. Chipster27

    T-shirt guy for car show

    Can anyone give a recommendation for a 2-3 color t-shirt for a car show? Thanks!
  10. Chipster27

    2017 Desert Storm "Members Pics!"

    Augh...hurts every time I see pics of this boat! Hope you're enjoying it!
  11. Chipster27

    Utah about to lower DUI level to .05

    I bought one of these at Costco, something like $60. You'd be surprised how you don't feel drunk at .08...or even .10...
  12. Chipster27

    New DCB M28 and M44 Models

    Fixed it for you....and congratulations! :P
  13. Chipster27

    RDP at KOH

    Remember when...
  14. Chipster27

    Wagon Wheel and Lost Lake - feedback/reviews

    Thanks for the feedback. He sent me a message last night saying he put an offer in on a place in WW and has a verbal acceptance. Appreciate all the feedback, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  15. Chipster27

    Wagon Wheel and Lost Lake - feedback/reviews

    I have a buddy looking to get a river place. He's thinking about Wagon Wheel or Lost Lake. I don't know much about either, but figured someone on here must have experience with either or both. Thanks for any insight!
  16. Chipster27

    Water Heater-Yes Another Thread

    Yea...best for the money. My Bradford-White just shit the bed. Pilot assy and gas valve went south. Oh and the warranty expired 4 months ago. I'll never spend the money on a quality one again. If the life expectancy is 6-8 years I'll just buy a disposable water heater like they sell at Home...
  17. Chipster27

    New to us 30' Skater 300XS

    You need to update your avatar :D
  18. Chipster27

    Small Claims Lawsuit - Question

    WWRD... what would Ratso do [emoji1][emoji1]
  19. Chipster27

    Here's the Beef.

    Cool, thanks! Cast iron is my favorite. My Traeger and Weber have cast iron griddles and I cook with either cast iron or classic stainless steel at home. We're headed to the desert this weekend and I'll give a couple of these recipes a try.