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    Best $25

    Lol... that's funny! May have to order this shit
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    496HO Engine performance issue.... opinions needed

    I disagree; a well cared for engine can and will simply wear down evenly. In this case, with cylinder pressures relatively even, but low across the board, I would suspect piston rings. All this is true and can be contributed to low compression pressure readings. That said, this test was...
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    496HO Engine performance issue.... opinions needed

    Ouch, those pressures seem quite low in my opinion. If those readings are correct, I would say that engine needs a refresh. If I’m not mistaken, a stock 496 HO would be in the 155-160 range.
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    Biden is a post turtle.

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    Shoutout to Sean the bunk guy.

    Sounds like he uses tree material from people’s front yards 🤔
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    Pelosi's 25 amendment "move" is a chess move setup to remove sleepy Joe

    Yep, exactly right, Pelosi is condemning doofus. Biden has cognitive issues that can’t be ignored and this ploy is targeting him. Trump has nothing to worry about; he has easily overcome the China Virus with doctors proclaiming his good health and having him back on the campaign trail Saturday!
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    Happy Birthday Grads

    lol… Dave, you are a very forgiving person 👍 …. and Happy Birthday to you too!
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    Hallett… (Nordic builds vs the old Barron) your thoughts

    Just curious, your opinion on whether or not Nordic is following the Barron legacy worthy of the legendary Hallett name. If still alive, would Nick Barron approve?
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    Italian In Temecula area?

    Well, this post caught my interest since I know of this town, been there wine tasting years ago. The newer section was called Rancho California (back in the day) with old town being Temecula, but all that has long since changed. Now, if you guys read LazyLavey post: “Gonna be in the area next...
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    A beutiful voice, this is a must see!

    Lol... had no idea about that video, funny shit though, thanks for sharing! 😆
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    A beutiful voice, this is a must see!

    Lol... Sorry Mr. Nuts, have no idea what you're talking about?
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    Halletts in Havasu?

    Lol... me too!
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    A beutiful voice, this is a must see!

    A beautiful voice, this is a must see!
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    22 Daytona

    Surprised Eliminator was no help to you. Here’s an interesting read on the 22’ Daytona. Have no idea the validity of this post; just remember it from years back. Maybe RD, or a member here knows something about this?
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    Getting Older

    I spit my beer out on that one, funny shit right there my friend! By all means keep'em coming! Reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield
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    Anyone still drink water straight out the tap, or make coffee with it?

    Reaching for a bottle of water today I thought to myself, when was the last time I actually remember serving myself a glass of water straight from the tap? Well, I couldn’t really remember, but I still make coffee with it 🤔 Oh wait, I lied, when I’m out I do order a Coors Light on tap 🤪
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    Free overhead doors 12’ x 14 high speed

    Hope you got that confirmation to trash them in writing, text, or email. Hard to imagine they would just let them go even if it was their mistake 🤔
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    Happy Birthday RD