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    Habit Havasu

    Last week I recall seeing ads hiring for their...and not just a single person but like 10 open pots which I thought was odd but now seeing this makes you wonder
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    Empty 16' Trailer from Long Beach to Havasu tomorrow afternoon

    Man if you were going anywhere near @bonesfab shop I could use it but thats a bit out of the way of long beach
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    Anybody here bidding for this Jag XJ220 on bringatrailer?

    Funny...we both like the sqaure bodies and I've had a few RD's back in the day. Talk about a cheap source of fun to ride on the street
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    Ram 2500 4x4

    well shoot I was planning to go there in January to get a new truck. Guess we'll see how they handle it but good to know before I locked in a plan
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    gun sales

    seems like they are the only thing pretty readily available....but try getting the rest of the parts to build it not so much
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    $1 a round for bulk 9mm?????

    I was just thinking the same last night. Was planning to go shoot tomorrow but don't want to use any that I have lol
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    New Sushi place

    so you are saying no way you are eating Sushi in Vegas either?
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    $1 a round for bulk 9mm?????

    so where do we sign up for orders? I'm in for 45, 9 and 223
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    Richer Racing Bronco build for RB’s Mom

    I was actually just looking at my blazer yesterday and thought to myself I'm going to need to plate it....last thing I need is an ass end landing and pop the tank out in the desert.
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    2 post car lift in havasu?

    what did his set up run if you don't mind sharing? I've been contemplating adding a lift
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    19.5 American force aluminum dually wheels and tires with spare

    you sneaky bastard lol. Trust me...I've contemplated buying the wheels before the truck after seeing this
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    Well, Been A Rough Week...

    spent many a hours in the shop while building a few cars. Thats a bummer. I'll post this one for him that he helped me with some of the parts during the build
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    19.5 American force aluminum dually wheels and tires with spare

    well...yea I guess that would be the next upgrade. looks great. I'm doing all square bodies so the 19.5 would be fine. timing is just wrong
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    Propane griddle

    I have a 4 burner blue rhino and love it, better than the BS. And yes, you put a light flap wheel in a grinder and clean it all up before you season it.
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    19.5 American force aluminum dually wheels and tires with spare

    what did you change to? these are pretty damn sweet, I just don't have the dually yet lol. Finishing the blazer, want to do a few things to the burb, then the dually.
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    OJ's not on the run anymore....(just another Bronco thread)

    I'm actually dealing with this now, where did you get them insured? so far all I have found is the ability to add $6k in add'l coverage with receipts but I'm well over that.
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    Havasu's Fort Rock Farms, the story of a fat guy and his wife.

    we got chickens last week and did one beer can style in the pellet grill. I didn't do any extra rubs or seasoning this first time to see just the chicken. Just like the beef...big difference from store bought!
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    havasu weather....10-25-20 thru 10-31-20

    not even any clouds yet in havasu...brright skies and sunrise with just the wind
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    King of the square bodies in my driveway

    I drove past it as well and thought it was a solid clean looking build, then the next day ran across that ad. It does seem nicely kept. Got to love chevy's of the day..... monotone interior floor to ceiling lol both of mine were blue like that red
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    King of the square bodies in my driveway

    was it this one? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1482704501918469/