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    Where are you located?
  2. MBSpectra

    Are the lights still available?

    Are the lights still available?
  3. MBSpectra

    Lets see your Urnials

  4. MBSpectra

    2011 Kz inferno for sale.

    Hey everyone I'm selling my 2011 Kz inferno. Take a look. Here's the link. Thank you. http://m.rvtrader.com/listing/2011-K-Z-Manufacturing-Inferno-113006641
  5. MBSpectra

    Dove Springs NYE

    I was next to them. Scoot and glen were cool as shit.
  6. MBSpectra

    Dove Springs NYE

    Hey we were right by you guys. Lil deeper in by the 2nd bathroom.
  7. MBSpectra

    Article: Welcome to the Front Page

    Hey Dave that's cool. Hope to meet you sometime.
  8. MBSpectra

    Comment by 'MBSpectra' in article 'Welcome to the Front Page'

    Hey Dave that's cool. Hope to meet you sometime.
  9. MBSpectra

    2013 Spectra Regatta

    My dad and I will be in for sure. Prob my cousin as well if he's done with his.
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    I'm bored...

    15. I'm awesome!!!
  11. MBSpectra

    Raiders return to glory begins today

    Raiders rock!!!! I'm 20 bucks richer!!!!
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    I'm F.T. and I endorse this video..

    Bless her heart!!!
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    Havasu Labor Day Weekend Roll Call

    Mbspectra and a couple of buddies. Don't post much but this place is pretty funny.
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    new laws

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    Post up your Spectra boat pics!

    Yep that's his boat. How do you know him?
  16. MBSpectra

    Post up your Spectra boat pics!

    Dads 32' My 24'
  17. MBSpectra

    Lil pumped

    Hoodie is pretty sweet
  18. MBSpectra

    Lil pumped

    My 2 weeks are finally up!! Got my rd swag. :champagne: Just a lurker but this place fuckin rocks.