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  1. musicFunsun

    Ya know......

    This is BS!! Sleepy joe is all over the TV talking like he’s already in office!!😡🤬😡. Between the corrupt election crap last week and now this, I haven’t been able to watch one my favorite morning shows😤😫
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    Where is the thread with

    The news channel better than Fox? We have direct. Thanks in advance.
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    Eddie Van Halen

    RIP 😔
  4. musicFunsun

    What is the preferred brand

    Of tires for a car? And from where? Time for new tires for my Honda so I’m asking the experts:)
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    I’ve been wondering why Pres. Trump and his team have been somewhat quite regarding the obvious. I’m so glad Don Jr and just now on the news during and interview with Jim Brulte. I was concerned and thinking RDP and my friends & family were the only ones able to see thru the dems BS! Feeling...
  6. musicFunsun

    Any plumbers in the Redlands area

    Leaking kitchen faucet probably need replacing. Even a recommendation to to someone reputable will be appreciated.
  7. musicFunsun

    What’s the situation

    with restrooms while on the road? 1st trip to Vegas since the shutdown, wondering if it’s gas stations only 😳
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    Beach IS open!

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    Website issues... i keep getting

    Booted out of here, asked to log in only to be told I already amo_O. Whaaaats up??
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    Private Testing

    Private testing sites in Malibu, Westminster draw crowds Actor Sean Penn’s nonprofit and OC physician offer nasal swab, blood tests By Jeff Gritchen and Teri Sforza Staff writers As frustration mounts over the dearth of public coronavirus testing, cars are queuing up for private tests in the...
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    If you need a laugh...

  12. musicFunsun

    Computer Question...Do I Need...............

    VPN on my iPhone? I have it my laptop for work purposes. Thanks in advance 🙂
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    Amazon...anyone with an account receive

    A strange email about a “trial deposit”? I’m sure is a scam or some kind of error. The lines must be jammed, rings a couple of times & cuts off.
  14. musicFunsun

    Plane crash in Upland

    Hope everyone is ok:( Near Cable Airport.
  15. musicFunsun

    Ear Worm

    Chug-A-Lug :confused:. Heard it at memorial service last Saturday during the slide show. It was for the guy killed in the rollover. I’ve never heard that song before, unless it was in the jukebox at restaurant/bar at Havasu Landing way back in the day along with I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail!!
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    Another Where is.......

    haven’t seen Socal9 (?). Us women got to stick together on rdp. Hope she is ok.
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  18. musicFunsun

    My PS Vaca

    The first room we got at the Hyatt was occupied by a huge roach in the bathtub :confused: so we moved. This note, a plate and 2 “Shoots” were in the fridge when we got back from drinks and the dinner I didn’t remember having. :D The Village Pub This guy was singing about a Bunny on his...
  19. musicFunsun

    Tonight’s Dodger game...is that

    Ozzie Osborn or Sarah Gilbert sitting in the second row on the right??:D:D
  20. musicFunsun

    Yes, it needs to said............

    newspaper article today stated the obvious “State Nursing Home Fail”. I don’t know how to post a link but please read it. It’s my pet peeve, the liberals want illegals and free healthcare for them and sanctuary cities and free stuff for all...........:mad: yet funding continues to be cut for...