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    Anyone have a Maserati Ghibli...pros and cons???

    Old boss has the first year quattroporte. He drives it a few times a week. Fast fun car especially before they got rid of the f1 gearbox. He lost oil pressure on the freeway and it destroyed itself before he could shut it down. Was able to replace the motor with one out of a totalled newer car...
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    gettin the SHOT today

    I have a pair of infinity perfect 12's great subs.
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    Keep yore bs straight Nancy

    How dare you defile the fantastic effects of alcohol on that wench. That bitch is just crazy. If she were drunk she would be giving blowies to Trump while melania slapped her ass and called her a cow.
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    Hold The Line.

    They are PBS camps to indoctrinate our children now...
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    gettin the SHOT today

    My wife too. She had the second Pfizer shot two days ago was in bed all day yesterday. Is at work today but is still feeling crummy.
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    Utah avalanche fatality

    Sad Deal.
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    18+ lounge?

    I'll throw down for the yearly but I want a membership gift basket lol.
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    Are Ugly People Worth Less Than Beautiful People?

    If they weren't famous initially they would score higher unless they maintained the elitist prick attitude. Busceme is pretty quiet in real life. Denzel might have the edge just because he talks. Halle berry is hot but there is always someone hotter.
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    Crazy pricing at Lowe’s!

    What in the Chinese crap?
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    Lets Talk Sedona

    Please expound on this one lol.
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    Welp there goes another conspiracy theory. The Chinese outbreaks are just as bad as ours.
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    Lets Talk Sedona

    Really going out for stargazing with the kids and hiking. Had no idea it was such a weirdo fest until I started looking stuff up today. Gonna hit some trails with a sxs and eat drink and try not to think about work for a few days.
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    Vaccine info

    wife got her second round today. No issues.
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    Trump tonight

    Sure doesnt sound like he plans on launching some great final move on the chessboard. Sounded more like please don't tear down my legacy of the wall. It's over.
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    Wait isn't she a liberal?

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    Ok. Isnt Veritas credible?

    Dudes a staff attorney for PBS. Lots of people have opinions and this guys were shitty. That said this guy doesn't direct programming. There are other issues with PBS but this guy was just a tool who got caught saying something incredibly stupid.
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    Lets Talk Sedona

    Headed out in March to wander around for a long weekend. Anything that are must do/see? We are staying at an Air BNB and bringing our telescopes for some star gazing with the kids. What else should we do?
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    I'm curious

    Do you believe the following? That liberal democracy is obsolete and that a strong one-party Conservative state is the way to prepare the nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Liberal democracy is increasingly socialistic in its ideals. Socialism became...
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp