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  1. Hammer 4th of July Part 2!

    Hammer 4th of July Part 2!

    Saturday we were moving a little slow, well everybody but Nord, go figure . Lol... The idea had come up to hit Topock and Pirates Cove as neither Nord or I had been up there by boat. Stacy was the deciding factor and put her foot down and told us we were headed to Parker. Either way was fine...
  2. Hammer 4th of July Part 1!

    Hammer 4th of July Part 1!

    This was probably the best holiday weekend I've had in a long time! Usually I'm in Parker for holiday weekends and since I've been out of town for most of last month, it was nice to be home in Havasu with no set agenda for 4 days. My holiday weekend started off with excitement as I got a call...